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An exclusive opportunity for CIEE Global Navigator Alumni

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Continue Your Journey and Advocate for Study Abroad

The CIEE Global Ambassador program is an application-based alumni program run by CIEE to help recent alumni make an impact in their school community.

Your voice can literally change the life of dozens of students in your high school. Inspired by your experience, your classmates could follow in your footsteps, apply to a high school study abroad program or Global Navigator scholarship, and live the adventure of a lifetime!

As a CIEE Global Ambassador, you'll gain access to training, promotional material, and support to make the biggest impact in your school community. Plus, you'll participate in monthly contests with a chance to win rewards like gift cards and CIEE swag.

Limited spots available, don't miss out!

Apply by August 15


What will you do as a CIEE ambassador?

  • Promote Study Abroad: Customize flyers, posters, or digital resources to promote CIEE programs and scholarships at your school and on social media.
  • Represent CIEE: Share your experience with CIEE in class, at clubs, community events, on social media, and the Global Navigator Virtual Fair.
  • Support Your Peers: Help students in your school and your area through the application process. Share tips and run application workshops. Be available at least twice a month to answer questions from prospective families either on the phone or by email.

What’s in it for you?

  • Network with like-minded peers: Stay connected to CIEE alumni and staff in your area through a dedicated WhatsApp group and monthly opportunities to meet in-person September through April.
  • Develop critical skills: Gain the leadership and public-speaking skills you’ll need to succeed in college and beyond and access unique professional opportunities with CIEE
  • Earn rewards: Participate in exclusive fun, monthly challenges with other CIEE Global Ambassadors to earn prizes. Maximize your referral rewards too by including your alumni referral link in everything you do! 

CIEE Ambassador Schedule

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year are due August 15. Please note CIEE Ambassadors are expected to attend all virtual training sessions and participate in monthly challenges and in-person local meet ups to earn the final certificate of completion. 

Check the schedule and requirements below carefully to make sure you can fulfill the responsibilities! If you’re eager to get involved but can’t commit to the requirements of the CIEE Global Ambassador program, don’t worry, there are many more ways to help.

Please note each virtual meeting will be held twice at different times to allow students in every time zone to make this work.

  • Wednesday, August 28, 7PM (ET and PT) - How to Talk About CIEE Programs
  • Wednesday, September 4, 7PM (ET and PT) - Refer-a-friend Program Best Practices
  • Wednesday, September 11, 7PM (ET and PT) - Public Speaking Best Practices 

The Take-Aways

Certificate of Completion

A certificate showing your participation in the CIEE Global Ambassador Program that you can list on your resume and college applications.

CIEE Letter of Recommendation

A written statement detailing your skills, involvement, and achievements with CIEE that you can share with employers and college admission officers.

Referral Prizes

As a CIEE Alum, you can earn $200 for every friend who travels thanks to your referral link. As a CIEE Global Ambassador, you multiply these chances!

What CIEE Ambassadors Are Saying

  • "Don’t be sad your trip ended; your journey with CIEE has just started with the Global Ambassador program."

    Karen X., 2024 CIEE Global Ambassador

  • "Through the Global Ambassador program, I not only added this outstanding program to my college resume and explored career interests of mine, but I also earned upwards of $2,000!"

    Amber W., 2024 CIEE Global Ambassador

  • "I am glad I did the Global Ambassador Program because I was able to build on my communication skills and create new friendships. I enjoy talking about my experience abroad and helping students finish their summer abroad application."

    Yaisy V., 2024 CIEE Global Ambassador

  • "The CIEE staff is very engaged, and you get to participate in a lot of events and are able to better promote studying abroad. It's well organized."

    Pia FC., 2024 CIEE Global Ambassador

  • "I've been able to share my experiences with people all over the world and have the resources and support needed to aid me as well."

    Kaiqi C., 2024 CIEE Global Ambassador

  • "Especially with the push of monthly contests, speaking at school events, and the Global Navigator Virtual fair, I stepped out of my comfort zone more than I would have. I approached more people than I thought was possible and worked hard on posters and social media content to promote studying abroad."

    Pia FC., 2024 CIEE Global Ambassador

  • "It was extremely helpful receiving guidance from CIEE staff when we presented at school. On our own, we knew exactly what to say and helped many students apply for CIEE. We are also making good use of the materials CIEE provided for us."

    Sarah M., 2024 CIEE Global Ambassador

  • "Before me, no one in my school had ever studied abroad or even talked about studying abroad. The Global Ambassador program gave me the tools and knowledge to be able to expand studying abroad across my community. I made an impact by being the first person to make in-class and in the auditorium presentations about studying abroad as well as counseling students with their studying abroad applications."

    Isabella T., 2024 CIEE Global Ambassador

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