Cherishing My Summer in London With CIEE

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Summer in London

By: Zahra Firoz

London is a globally influential world financial hub, and with that comes an immersion into world markets and one of the world's most impressive histories. From the start of the Industrial Revolution to the rise of the British Empire to Brexit, I learned all about the wonderful city through an immersion into the history and culture of the United Kingdom. 

The CIEE Summer in London program equipped me with a sense of self-understanding, learning to adapt to a new city, I gained an enriched view of business and international relations, took a deep dive into another country's politics, and expanded my media skills. This historic city piqued so many of my interests, the home to hundreds of world-class museums covering over two thousand years of history, a city of vitality and leaders in education, this city and my time abroad taught me self-discipline and granted me a global perspective. 

To my luck and yours, CIEE offers a very realistic approach to classes and allows plenty of time for wandering the city, trying new coffee shops and cuisines, and European shopping like you wouldn't believe. The three-day weekend allowed me to hop on the Eurostar and make my way to another major city, Paris, which had always been a bucket list city of mine. 

This time abroad was the best decision I made in my college career, and going with CIEE as the organization was the smartest choice I made. I think about London and Europe every single day (though that is mostly due to the borough market chocolate strawberries that I constantly crave), and the friendships I made there are ones that I will always cherish.