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"Running as a lifestyle", Andrea Adam Moore, CIEE Center Director

By CIEE Berlin at CIEE

Andrea Adam Moore is the Director of the CIEE Center in Berlin. She is one of the real "berliners" of the team, but also very connected to USA, after living... keep reading

Seoul Stirred, Not Shaken: Adventures of an American Girl

By Gabriella F.

Hello and welcome, dear reader, to my blog! I invite you to settle in with a comforting cup of tea or coffee and a sweet treat as you delve into... keep reading

How to Embrace Studying Abroad

By Brooke W.

Studying abroad is an amazing and once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. Therefore take the time to really dive into the area, meet the local people, and embrace the outer limits... keep reading


Alyssiah Green: "I was the first one in my family to get a passport, and after this experience, I will always encourage people to find the opportunity to go abroad"

By CIEE Berlin at CIEE

Even though a few months have passed since the Alyssiah, student from J-Term studiend in Berlin, we wanted to share part of her experience with you all! Alyssiah Green is... keep reading

A Weekend of Discovery and Delight: Exploring Korean Cinema and Cuisine

By Truc H.

Come with me on a weekend filled with joy, cultural immersion, and delicious food. From experiencing a captivating Korean film without subtitles to savoring the diverse flavors of Mangwon Market's street food, every moment was filled with excitement and discovery. 🎥😋


What is Study Abroad? Everything You Need to Know!

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

@cieestudyabroad Study Abroad 101 #cieestudyabroad #studyabroad #internationalstudent #collegemajors #collegelife #students #scholarships #studyabroadprograms #internships hollywood - rchie Every student hears about it, but what does “study abroad” mean , anyway? How... keep reading


Ratul Rauniar: “Berlin has been a breath of fresh air”

By CIEE Berlin at CIEE

Ratul Rauniar Pradhan is one of our students from Open Campus Spring 2024 studying in Berlin. He is originally from Nepal, Kathmandu currently a junior in Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania, where... keep reading


CIEE Tallinn's First Overnight Trip to Helsinki

By CIEE Tallinn at CIEE

Greetings from CIEE Tallinn! This weekend we had our first overnight trip to the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland. Packed with cultural discoveries, delicious cuisine, and unforgettable experiences, our journey... keep reading


Explore and Grow while Studying Abroad! My Story in Taiwan: Biking with the Elderly

By CIEE Taipei at CIEE

By Brenna Tosh (2024 J-term student in Taipei) My CIEE experience in Taiwan was transformational. I seriously encourage anyone considering one of their programs to take the leap of faith... keep reading


Studying in Santiago on Summer

By CIEE Santiago at CIEE

Studying abroad as an exchange student in Santiago de Chile during summer is a unique and enriching experience. The city is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and stunning... keep reading

Taking the Topik (Korean Proficiency Exam) in Korea

By Emma M.

Today I want to speak on the Topik Test--(the only official) Korean language proficiency exam administered by the Korean government. Taking the Topik exam is a great way to gain a formal gauge of one’s Korean language abilities since it is standardized, although the score is only valid for two years after taking the exam.

How Studying Abroad Truly Changed My Life

By Anna M.

Being able to see the world and experience a new culture has given me new outlooks on life and sweet memories that I will never forget. In South Korea I... keep reading


“Petits” Discoveries Every Day

By CIEE Rennes at CIEE

Language is a tool that opens a door for you to explore a new culture, people, tradition, and more. Its acquisition can take any method: studying grammar and vocabulary by... keep reading


Chilean Poets

By CIEE Santiago at CIEE

Chile is a land of Poets, we have had trough history important figures that shared the beauties and the struggles of our country through their verses, we will quickly go... keep reading


Popular Argentina Hand Gestures

By CIEE Buenos Aires at CIEE

A large part of the Argentine population are descendants of Italian immigrants, who came to this country during the late 1800s and early 1900s. You can see the Italian influences... keep reading