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La Isla de Cambiar
By Matthew W.
I ought to preface this post by saying that I knew absolutely nothing about the Balearic Islands prior to my study abroad experience. I first heard of the island of...keep reading
  • Back to work
    By Rafa Valor at CIEE
    Hello everyone! It is hard to believe how incredibly time flies. After an intense summer with college and high school groups, and a little break, we are back with our...keep reading
  • Internships in Palma with CIEE
    By Antonia Ferriol at CIEE
    A new group of students arrived on Monday. We did two days of orientation and they moved into their homestays the first day. They all have had their internship interviews...keep reading
    Internships in Palma de Mallorca with CIEE
    By Antonia Ferriol at CIEE
    In Spring 2019, five students did their internships at the following companies: Brújula Technological Solutions (finance department); DLG International musical events (events department); Hotel Caballero offices (finance and human resources);...keep reading
  • Alicante Foodies adventure
    By Gertrudis Sigüenza at CIEE
    As cultural explorers, our highschool Ciee Global Navigators were able to taste unique foods to this region and learn about their historical and geographical context. To learn about the heart...keep reading

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