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  • DMZ Day
    By Katharine B.
    Visiting the DMZ has been on my bucket list since before coming to South Korea, so I was super excited to check this off! Anyways, we started the day at...keep reading
  • A Weekend in Busan
    By Katharine B.
    Last weekend, a friend and I took a trip to Busan, so I figured I'd write about that here! Busan is a very popular spot for tourism, so it had...keep reading
  • Rain Brings Rainbows
    By Millie R.
    An inside look at the first Seoul Pride event to happen since the pandemic- what to expect, bring, and know to have a happy, safe time at pride!keep reading
  • Exploring Nature
    By Chris W.
    Exploring Nature The city of Seoul certainly has alot to offer. There is plenty to explore and countless hours that you can spend in only a small part of the...keep reading
  • Mix it Up
    By Chris W.
    Mix it Up As you start to settle in to your semester abroad, you may find yourself falling into some pretty comfortable habits. Perhaps theres a really good restaurant around...keep reading
  • South Korea in Retrospective
    By Mitchell C.
    PREFACE Choosing CIEE Seoul for my first study abroad experience was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Over the past six weeks, I was able to see...keep reading
  • HYBE Fan? Go to Hybe Museum!
    By Audrey Y.
    Seriously. If you like any HYBE groups, then the HYBE museum is definitely a must-go. Featuring the boy groups of HYBE, fans can see some behind-the-scenes and interesting facts about...keep reading

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