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What I wish I knew before coming

By CIEE Gaborone at CIEE

Written by Kat Laird. My name is Katherine Laird and I was part of the Summer 2023 in the Community Public Health Program. Below is what I wish I knew... keep reading


Indulgence of Culture

By CIEE Gaborone at CIEE

Author: Keletso Kobedi (Student Volunteer) The third week of the 18 week program was time to enjoy a little glimpse of setswana culture in its raw nature, and what other... keep reading


DELICATELY FLAVORED Dijo tsa Setswana (Setswana Traditonal Food)

By CIEE Gaborone at CIEE

Dijo tsa Setswana (Setswana Traditonal Food) Written by: Isabel Obeng Africa is blessed with cultural diversity, particularly food. Every part of the continent has a staple food, and in this... keep reading



By CIEE Gaborone at CIEE

KGOPE HEALTH EXPO BLOG Author: Keneilwe Manisa As part of the community public health program (CPH), CIEE students conduct community assessment in order to gain an understanding of some of... keep reading


Unpacking Orientation Week as an Intern

By CIEE Gaborone at CIEE

By Cassim Junior Embarking on multiple adventures during the outset of my internship at CIEE Gaborone while merging experiences with the students from the summer program, I had to do... keep reading


Making Friends while studying abroad, the Highs and Lows

By CIEE Gaborone at CIEE

Written by: Haliyat Oshodi One of the things I told myself when coming into the CIEE Botswana program was that I didn’t want to make any close friends, which sounds... keep reading


Eat, Drink, Explore: Gaborone

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

EAT Africa is a meat-eating continent, and Botswana is no different. The country’s national meat dish has two names: “ seswaa” in the Central District, and “ leswao” in the... keep reading

Internship at Moselewapula

By Hong J.

For my fall internship with CIEE in Botswana, I had the opportunity to intern for the Guidance Department at Moselewapula Junior Secondary School in Phase 2 of Gaborone. I was... keep reading

Exploring Bots One Plate at a Time

By Stacey L.

Here in Botswana, there are quite a few staple food items that are commonly found at nearly any eatery across the country. We’ve often joked about the portion sizes offered... keep reading

Cooking in the dorms

By Froukh M.

If you love food as much as I do, when looking into studying abroad in a place like Gaborone, Botswana, food may be one of your main concerns. As I... keep reading

Re-integrating into the US (a look back at this semester)

By Lexi A.

The things I look forward to: A variety of food options - fruits and vegetables My bed Seeing my family and friends again Being invisible again Walking/independence in regard to... keep reading

Bad Hair Day in Botswana? Easy Fix!

By Andressia H.

"I love my hair because it is a reflection of my soul. It's dense. It's kinky. It's soft. It's textured. It's difficult. It's easy and it's fun. That's why I... keep reading

Getting to Know Botswana

By Mari C.

Throughout my two-month stay in Botswana, I was able to experience so many different things that made me appreciate the culture and learn about the people of the country. The... keep reading

The Best Places to Eat in Gabs

By Hannah S.

Dumelang! My name is Hannah, and I am studying public and community health this summer at the University of Botswana. As a dorm kid in the summer, most of the... keep reading

Bucket Bathing 101

By Macy R.

Coming to Botwana comes with its fair share of new daily routines that can take some getting used to. From using the khombi's, to eating different food (like lots and... keep reading