Top 5 Places to Study Abroad in the Asia-Pacific Region

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If you’re someone who’s craving a study abroad adventure in a unique and fun location, you’re likely looking at programs in the Asia-Pacific region!  

Each of our Asia-Pacific study abroad programs will help you step out of your comfort zone and discover new cultures (and tons more). Let’s dive into the top places to study abroad in the Asia-Pacific region.  


Australia is simply incredible. Affectionately dubbed The Land Down Under, the country is known for its stunning beaches and oceans, wonderfully preserved wildlife areas, fascinating aboriginal history and culture, and more. You’ll get to experience it all for yourself on an immersive study abroad adventure with CIEE!   

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All our study abroad programs take place in Australia’s largest city: Sydney. This multicultural metropolis will enhance your global perspective with non-natives making up more than one-third of the city’s population. In addition to plenty of out-of-this-world beach days, incredible cuisine, and hiking trails galore, Sydney is home to world-renowned attractions like: 

  • Sydney Opera House 
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge 
  • Royal Botanic Garden  
  • Taronga Zoo Sydney  
  • Sydney Tower 

And tons more! You’ll never run out of things to do while exploring Sydney.  

opera house sydney

Featured Program: Sydney Open Campus  

One of our most exciting study abroad programs in Sydney is our Open Campus Block program. Students like YOU can design their own study abroad program by choosing one, two, or three consecutive six-week blocks and selecting courses from a variety of subject areas.  

Program details:  

  • Length: Up to 18 weeks 
  • Credit: 6-7 per Block semester hours/9-10.5 per Block quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA  
  • Featured Course: 20th Century History of Australia  
  • Excursion Highlight: Hike the Blue Mountains and learn all about this culturally-significant natural wonder 

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Greater China  

As you continue to explore the best places to study abroad in Asia, consider Greater China. With a study abroad trip in Greater China, you’ll dive deep into ancient history, modern and interesting culture, gain a better understanding of the region’s global impact, and tons more. Studying abroad in Greater China is truly an experience of a lifetime.  

Some of our top study abroad programs in Asia take place in Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei.  


Beijing is exceptional. As the capital of China, Beijing is a bustling city that also boasts some of the world’s oldest and most culturally important sites like The Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China. You’ll get to dive deep into Chinese culture, indulge in some incredible cuisine, and immerse yourself in the Mandarin language. This will be a truly remarkable study abroad experience.  


Located on the coast of the East China Sea, Shanghai is a wonderful city known for its history, fashion, and economic accomplishments. As one of the biggest cities in the world, you’ll get to meet tons of people and gain new perspectives and learn more about Chinese culture.  


As the capital of Taiwan, a small but mighty country off the coast of China, Taipei is one of the best places to study abroad in Asia because of its complex history and interesting political influence, delicious food, and robust culture. During your trip, you’ve got to check out places like the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, and the Raohe Street Night Market. You’ll never run out of things to explore here.  

taipei temple nighttime

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Featured Program: China in a Global Context 

Taking place in Shanghai, our China in a Global Context study abroad program is the perfect opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of China while enhancing your Mandarin language skills.  

Program details:  

  • Length: 15 weeks 
  • Credit: 15 semester hours / 22.5 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA  
  • Featured Course: Changing Nature of Business in China  
  • Excursion Highlight: Travel to Zhujiajiao, the best-preserved traditional water town in the city, lined with stone bridges, cobblestone lanes, and canals 


One of the best Asian countries to study abroad in is Japan. The country’s ancient history, innovative modern culture, incredible cuisine, and natural wonders make this an ideal study abroad destination. You’ll get to improve your Japanese language skills and learn more about the country’s impeccable balance between modernization and tradition.  

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As the ancient cultural capital of Japan, you’re in for an amazing experience when you explore Kyoto. Boasting meditative Zen temples and teahouses, to modern-day game and tech centers like the world’s first Manga Museum and companies like Nintendo Q-Games, you’ll enjoy a mix of ancient history and vibrant entrepreneurialism here.  


As one of the world’s busiest cities, you’ll have much to take in during a lively study abroad trip to Tokyo. Known for its safety, modern architecture, cleanliness, and nightlife, Tokyo promises an exciting experience.  

Both Japanese cities make for some of the best study abroad programs in Asia.  

tokyo sunset aerial view

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Featured Program: Tokyo Arts + Sciences  

Explore the capital of Japan with our Tokyo Arts + Sciences program. You’ll get to choose from a wide variety of courses and learn more about the country’s perspective on a wide range of subjects including anthropology, art history, international business, and more.  

Program details:  

  • Length: 18 weeks 
  • Credit: 15-16 semester hours/22.5-24 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.8 Overall GPA  
  • Featured Course: Intercultural Communication and Leadership  
  • Excursion Highlight: Visit the Ghibli Museum where Totoro is displayed 


Considered an island city-state, Singapore is outstanding. This modern metropolis is becoming a popular travel destination due to its vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, world-renowned shopping, fascinating modern systems, art industry, and more. And the country is considered one of the best Asian countries to study abroad in for all the same reasons. Trust us when we say you’ll be blown away by Singapore.  

singapore cityscape

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Featured Program: Summer Global Internship  

Different from a traditional study abroad program, you can gain real-life skills and work alongside professionals in an industry you’re passionate about with an international internship in Singapore – a country globally recognized for its growing economy. This experience guarantees a resume standout.  

Program details:  

  • Length: Eight weeks 
  • Credit: 6 semester hours/9 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA 
  • Excursion Highlight: Visit the world-famous Singapore zoo  

South Korea  

We also offer South Korea as a destination for our study abroad programs in Asia! And for good reason. This country’s international influence, modern innovations, crazy-good cuisine, and historic monuments and sites (some are even considered to be ancient), make this study abroad destination the adventure of a lifetime.   

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As the capital of South Korea, Seoul is a fascinating city known for its culture, museums, monuments, markets, festivals, natural beauty, and tons more. This fast-paced city is built on thousands of years of history, so you’ll be intrigued at every corner during your study abroad program in Seoul.  

seoul sunset lake temple

Featured Program: Arts + Sciences  

Study abroad in Seoul and you’ll be studying abroad in a World Design Capital that’s innovative not just in its architecture, but in just about everything! Choose from a wide range of course materials, improve your Korean language skills, and learn all about Korean culture with our Arts + Sciences program.  

Program Details:  

  • Length: 17 weeks 
  • Credit: 15-18 semester hours/22.5-27 quarter hours 
  • Eligibility: 2.5 Overall GPA  
  • Featured Course: Korean Traditional Music and Culture at Yonsei University  
  • Excursion Highlight: Visit the Korean Demilitarized Zone – a significant global landmark 

Asia Study Abroad Scholarships  

Each of our Asia-Pacific and Asia study abroad programs range in cost based on program length, courses, and more. However, CIEE’s one-time fee covers most expenses, including:  

  • Tuition 
  • Housing 
  • Pre-departure advising  
  • Orientation  
  • On-site staff and 24/7 emergency support 
  • Culture and co-curricular activities 
  • Travel protection  

We also award millions in scholarships and grants to thousands of students to help make their study abroad dreams a reality. And this includes you as you explore Asia study abroad programs! Make sure to check out what type of financial assistance you may qualify for. We’re always available if you have any questions, too.  

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The Asia-Pacific is Calling 

A study abroad adventure on the other side of the world is calling. Get started today!