The Ultimate Guide to Studying Abroad in Australia

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Known as the Land Down Under, studying abroad in Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From the country’s stunning coastline and its indigenous history to its modern, multicultural vibe, Australia has it going on!  

Let’s dive into our ultimate guide to an Australia study abroad trip.  

Why Study Abroad in Australia  

Australia is an incredible place. There are tons of reasons why studying abroad in Australia might be the best option for you and we’ve highlighted three reasons here in our ultimate guide.  

Reason #1: Experience Australia’s well-preserved natural beauty.  

Australia’s topography is very diverse. From the desert and mountains to beaches and the tropics, the country is full of different landscapes to explore. And one of the best parts? The fact that most of Australia remains untouched and in its natural state. 

As one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, the Australian government and various organizations throughout the country have put a lot of effort into natural wildlife conservation. During your study abroad program, you’ll learn more about the tremendous endeavors Australia takes toward preserving its land and its inhabitants.  

A few amazing places you’ll have to see with your own eyes during an Australia study abroad trip:  

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park 
  • Lake Hillier  
  • Litchfield National Park  
  • Wilpena Pound 
  • The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains  
  • The Pinnacles  

And that’s just scratching the surface. Australia is packed with natural sites and landscapes that are out-of-this-world. You’ll need to see it all for yourself!  

sydney australia opera house sunset

Reason #2: Visit the country’s stunning beaches and water sites.  

Australia’s coastline and surrounding oceans deserve their very own place in our ultimate Australia study abroad guide!  

Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with a coastline stretching over 20,000 miles. With clear blue water, soft white sand, and bright sunny rays, people travel from around the globe to experience Australian beaches. A few favorites: Shelly Beach, Four Mile Beach, and Hyams Beach – although they’re all spectacular.  

Plus, there’s the Great Barrier Reef. The largest in the world (bigger than the U.K., the Netherlands, and Switzerland combined), you can visit this UNESCO World Heritage marvel by snorkeling or diving.  

Reason #3: Learn all about Aboriginal culture in Australia.  

Australia honors its Aboriginal identity through the preservation of indigenous people and their lands.  

Considered some of the oldest populations of humans in the world, Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders have lived in the area for more than 50,000 years. They have a unique ancient culture.  

While Australia’s history with the first inhabitants of the land has been complex, the country has made strides in honoring the group, particularly by preserving important landmarks used in ancient Aboriginal traditions, including Ayers Rock, Uluru, and more.  

Learn more about this fascinating culture and its people here.  

australia aboriginal dance

Is Australia a Good Place to Study Abroad? 

Australia isn’t just a good place to study abroad, it’s a great one! With tons to explore including the country’s history, natural lands, and both ancient and modern culture, there’s something for everyone during an Australia study abroad adventure.  

How to Study Abroad in Australia  

The steps for any study abroad program with CIEE are easy! This includes our Australia study abroad options, too.  

Step #1: Map out your journey. 

Determine when you’d like to travel and then choose an Australia study abroad program that meets both your personal and academic goals.  

Step #2: Get some expert advice.  

Chat with your school’s study abroad office and academic advisor to ensure your study abroad plan aligns with your academic path. You’ll also get one-on-one support as you plan your journey. A little extra help is always a good idea!  

Plus, we’re always available for questions, too. Just contact us

Step #3: Get organized.  

Make sure you have a current passport and have fully completed the CIEE application. Take a look at our application FAQ videos to use as a guide, too.  

Step #4: Pack your bags!  

You’re all set for the trip of a lifetime! Don’t forget your sunscreen and walking shoes; there’s much to explore.  

student at ocean australia

Top 3 Australia Study Abroad Programs  

Fortunately, we offer a lot of Australia study abroad programs, so you have many options to choose from!  

All our programs take place in Sydney, the largest city in the country, and with lots to offer. It’s considered a multicultural metropolis with non-natives compromising more than a third of its population. Plus, Sydney has miles of beaches, incredible weather, and renowned attractions like the Sydney Opera House.  

Some of our top Australia study abroad programs include: 

  • Arts + Sciences: Study just about any subject you want with this semester-long program 
  • Global Internship: Work side by side with professionals in an industry you’re passionate about 
  • Summer in Sydney: Spend your summer immersing yourself in Australian culture 

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How Much Does It Cost to Study Abroad in Australia? 

The cost of your Australia study abroad trip depends on the program you choose. Currently, our programs in the country range from $4,250 to about $20,850 based on program length, number of courses, and more.  

It’s also important to remember that your CIEE one-time fee covers most expenses including:  

  • Tuition 
  • Housing 
  • Pre-departure advising  
  • Orientation  
  • On-site staff and 24/7 emergency support 
  • Culture and co-curricular activities 
  • Travel protection  

We also offer millions in scholarships and grants each year to make study abroad dreams a reality, so make sure to see what type of financial aid you may be eligible for when you apply to your study abroad program. And applying for funding through CIEE couldn’t be easier! Simply complete the Scholarships & Grants section of your CIEE application and we’ll automatically consider you for all awards you may be eligible for. 

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What to Pack for Study Abroad in Australia  

Now that you’re all set for the fun part (getting on your way), we’ve listed a few basics to include in your suitcase.  

Your essential documents:  

  • Passport and photocopy (just in case) 
  • Visa and photocopy (just in case)  
  • A second form of valid ID (i.e. driver’s license or government-issued ID) 
  • Plane tickets 
  • Proof of health insurance 
  • Proof of CIEE enrollment 

Other items:  

  • Comfortable walking shoes  
  • Swimwear  
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses  
  • Adapters to charge your tech in Australia’s electrical outlets 
  • Camera to capture all the country’s beauty  
  • Prescription medications covering the length of your trip 
  • Preferred over-the-counter medications  

A note about the weather in Australia: it’s warm year-round. The fall and winter months don’t typically fall below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but the country has both a wet and dry season so while you’ll need to stay cool, it’ll also be smart to pack a rain jacket.  

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Australia is Calling 

So, what are you waiting for? You’re (practically) packed! Time to escape to the Land Down Under for the adventure of a lifetime. Get started today!