College Program Assurance Advantage

Peace of mind for your college study or internship abroad plans

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Take the worry out of planning for study or an internship abroad

All summer '20, fall '20, January '21, spring '21 and summer ‘21 programs – no matter what the location or academic focus – are covered by our Program Assurance Advantage.

Covid-19 has made planning for your perfect study abroad or internship experience difficult. We want you to be able to plan with confidence!  Should CIEE cancel or suspend your participation on our programs (including internships) before the published program start date, all confirmed students are entitled to the following: 

  • The option to change your program to an equivalent program  
  • The option to defer your program to another equivalent term for no additional cost 
  • A full refund of  CIEE Program Fees when you close or cancel your application  

If you or your college study abroad office cancel or suspend  participation, your CIEE Program Fee and Confirmation Fee are fully refundable* until 14 days prior to program start date.  In addition, college scholarships and grants can be applied to a new program or term at no additional cost.  


Our onsite staff will present all available options to complete the academic requirements of your program. In such situations, we will be in direct and constant contact with you and your home institution advisor.

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*Student participating in any program associated with Sophia University in Tokyo are only eligible for $300 of their $1,700 Confirmation Fee which is paid directly to Sophia University and normally entirely non-refundable.

Please review our Terms & Conditions for full details updated June 2020. 

Program Assurance Advantage FAQs

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Q. What if I choose a new program that costs more than my program that was cancelled?
A. New programs must be “equivalent” in cost, duration, and/or term.  Students wishing to switch to a longer term or more expensive program may opt to pay the difference in program fee.

Q. I started an application for a fall ’20 program and paid the application fee. If the program is cancelled, do I get my application fee back?
A. Your application fee is not refundable unless CIEE cancels the program. However, if you defer your fall ’20 program to spring ’21, you do not pay the application fee again.

Q: Is my confirmation fee refundable if I need to cancel – or my college cancels – study abroad for fall 2020?
A: Yes, if you have already paid your confirmation fee and cancel 14 days or more before the program’s published start date. If you are participating on a program with Sophia University in Tokyo, please read the Terms & Condititions.

Q. Does the Program Assurance Advantage also apply to internship programs?
A. Yes, all CIEE college internship programs are covered by CIEE’s Program Assurance Advantage.

Q. Is the cost of obtaining a visa a refundable expense under the Program Assurance Advantage?
A. Fees including (but not limited to) visa fees, insurances(s), or School of Record fee not included in the CIEE Program Fee, etc. are not eligible for reimbursement. CIEE will refund your Program Fee which includes educational costs, housing and insurance; your Confirmation Fee; and your Application Fee.

Q. How will I know if CIEE cancels a program?
A. You will be notified immediately after the decision is made via email to the email address on your application.