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  • Hiroshima Excursion!
    By Aleya G.
    Welcome back! Over the past weeks I have been studying for various midterms, and now I am done! In the middle of my midterms though was possibly the best excursion...keep reading
    Life at Sophia University
    By Aleya G.
    Hello! We are almost at the midpoint of my first semester here at Sophia, and I think it's time to reflect on what it is like being a student here...keep reading
  • Halloween 2018
    By Aleya G.
    Halloween has passed but it's never too late to know what to do for Halloween in Tokyo. On Halloween night my friends and I went to Shibuya. There were people...keep reading
  • I Went Kimono Shopping
    By Betty Wang at CIEE
    Welcome back, and for those of you who are new, welcome! Now, let's get into it!!! I joined the kimono club at Sophia University, called Wagokoro . The people in...keep reading

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