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As one of Australia’s largest cities, Sydney is an incredible destination and a perfect place for a study abroad adventure! From its iconic cityscape and stunning architecture to its brilliant beaches and delectable foods, there are tons of reasons to study abroad in Sydney. You’ll surely find everything you’re looking for and more in this exciting city.  

So, if you’re still asking yourself, “Why study abroad in Sydney?” With all its attractions and offerings, the real question is, “Why not?” 

Why Study Abroad in Sydney? 

In this guide, we’ll highlight the Top 5 reasons to study abroad in Sydney, so you can confidently prepare for the opportunity of a lifetime Down Under.  

Reason #1: You’ll dive into Sydney’s ancient, diverse, and fascinating history. 

Nicknamed the “Emerald City,” Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia, and this gem of a destination is brimming with deep, historic roots and ancient cultural sites.  

Australia honors its Aboriginal identity through the preservation of indigenous people and their lands, and choosing to study abroad in Sydney guarantees you’ll learn all about these incredible sites and communities, in addition to enriching your education abroad in Australia.  

In the heart of Sydney, you’ll find all sorts of options for discovering more about the cultural and belief systems of Aboriginal communities, from visiting the First Australian Galleries at the Australian Museum to exploring the Barangaroo Reserve waterfront in Sydney Harbour as you trace ancient footsteps on an Aboriginal Cultural Tour. 

You can even visit Sydney’s Blak Markets to shop for Aboriginal goods and products while supporting local communities.  

While Australia’s history with the first inhabitants of the land has been complex, the country has made strides in honoring its Aboriginal culture, particularly by preserving important landmarks. And with so many tours and excursions dedicated to celebrating this fascinating civilization, exploring this enchanting city’s ancient history is one of the top reasons to study abroad in Sydney!  

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Reason #2: You’ll explore the city’s incredible natural landscapes.   

With a diverse and interesting topography, there are many natural, wondrous sites to explore in Sydney. While you’ll definitely be busy engaging in your coursework, this captivating city has much to offer when it’s time for a study break and you’re looking to enjoy the scenery. Checking out Sydney’s natural wonders is a part of your study abroad program, too.  

If you’re someone who is drawn to outdoor activities, when you study abroad in Sydney the possibilities are truly endless! Let’s look at ways to familiarize yourself with the great outdoors of Sydney.  

First, we have a question: Do you consider yourself a beach person? If so, get ready to break out your sunglasses and slip on your swimsuit as you prepare to be awed by the hundreds of beautiful beaches you can visit while studying abroad in Sydney.  

Featuring a coastline that stretches over 150 miles, Sydney’s natural beaches are simply sublime. Described as “unspoiled” or “untouched” – meaning the beaches have been naturally preserved and remain largely unchanged by construction or human interference – any shore in Sydney makes for an incredible, relaxing, and inspiring experience.  

And if charming and calming locations are your thing, let’s not forget about Sydney’s many gorgeous parks and gardens, where you can view seasonal plants and flowers and indulge in a quintessential picnic lunch.  

Here are a few noteworthy spots worth checking out while you study abroad in Sydney, so you can see the sights and enjoy everything the city’s breathtaking landscapes have to offer: 

  • Royal Botanic Garden: Stroll along Sydney Harbour and take in captivating views  
  • Chinese Garden of Friendship: Enjoy a corner of peace and tranquility in this garden embodying the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, and the principles of Yin and Yang  
  • Hyde Park: Explore lovely sights near Sydney’s city centre shopping district 
  • Centennial Parklands: Hop on a bike and ride around this bright, historic site featuring ponds, flowers, and more than 15,000 trees  

If you prefer to explore the sites from the heights, consider trekking through the breathtaking foothills of the Blue Mountains, named after a natural blue haze that comes from eucalyptus forests surrounding the area. So cool, right? These incredible mountains are part of the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area, and a day-trip exploration can involve guided tours and panoramic mountaintop views. Hard to top that! 

There are also tons of trails and paths for hiking and walking throughout the city, too – you’ll have a blast wandering all around Sydney. You may even find the perfect study spot! 

So, whether you’re a hiker, biker, beach-lover, or even a combination of them all, when you study abroad in Sydney, get ready to dip your toes into the adventure of a lifetime! 

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Reason #3: You’ll discover Sydney’s expansive arts, entertainment, and nightlife scene.   

There’s no doubt about it – Sydney is a bustling hub for all things arts and entertainment. From catching a musical performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House and exploring the grounds at Sydney Olympic Park to visiting one of the city’s many art galleries, there are tons of fantastic entertainment options that suit every taste.  

Speaking of taste, you’ll also want to be sure to check out local restaurants, cafes, and bistros within Sydney’s many suburbs. A study abroad opportunity guarantees you’ll be trying new things, and food is one of the best ways to take a bite out of Sydney’s culture. Here are a few traditional Australian dishes you may want to try: 

  • Barramundi: A hardy fish dish served all throughout Sydney 
  • Sydney rock oyster: A rich and sweet oyster delight  
  • Lamington cake: A sweet, moist sponge cake soaked in chocolate and rolled in coconut 

And if you’re looking for something exciting to do after trying a delicious new meal, Sydney boasts many interesting options for nightlife, too, including The World Square and the Marrickville neighborhood! 

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Reason #4: You’ll learn more about the city’s captivating wildlife conservations. 

One of the greatest benefits of any study abroad program is broadening your global perspective and expanding your knowledge of other cultures and environments. And when you study abroad in Sydney, that includes the people and the wildlife! 

Australia is known for its natural landscapes and preservations that allow local wildlife to flourish, and Sydney is a city that takes great pride in protecting its wildlife. Many sanctuaries dedicated to supporting native species offer tours and excursions so you can observe and learn more about these incredible creatures.  

You can even visit the famous Taronga Zoo, which cares for more than 5,000 animals, including Australia’s iconic koalas! 

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Reason #5: You’ll enjoy Sydney’s slow-paced, laid-back culture. 

While coursework and studying can sometimes be stressful, when you study abroad in Sydney, you’ll be among Australians, who have a relaxed, carefree reputation and typically engage in welcoming, friendly, and laid-back communications and interactions.  

Whether you’re catching up with the locals in a café or scoping out a delightful study spot with new friends, leaning into Sydney’s slow-paced culture will keep you from becoming overwhelmed so you can stay organized and focused on your work. Plus, getting an extra dose of relaxation every day will result in a positive, enjoyable experience overall! 

As we’ve highlighted in this guide, there are tons of reasons to study abroad in Sydney, and each one leads to the amazing educational opportunity of your dreams!  

All of our Australia study abroad programs take place in Sydney, so you’ll have a plethora of choices while learning more about this fantastic city.   

Some of our top Australia study abroad programs include: 

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  • Global Internship: Work side by side with professionals in an industry you’re passionate about.  
  • Summer in Sydney: Spend your summer immersing yourself in Australian culture!  

Dive deeper into these programs (and our other offerings) in our 6 Best Study Abroad Programs in Australia blog.  

Sydney is Calling 

So, why study abroad in Sydney, Australia? We’re sure our top reasons have already answered that question! All that’s left to do now is get ready to study abroad in the Land Down Under!