Passport Caravan

CIEE has Pledged to Fund 10,000 Passports through 2020

CIEE's Passport Caravan is sponsoring passports for 10,000 students around the country as part of its participation in the national Generation Study Abroad™ initiative. Developed in 2014 by the Institute of International Education, the initiative seeks to double the number of U.S. students studying abroad by 2020 by breaking down the main barriers: cost, curriculum, and culture.

CIEE will work with each institution selected as a Passport Caravan partner to choose a date that works with both the institution’s calendar and the overall calendar of the Passport Caravan. When selecting the event date, each institution should consider the lead-time necessary to promote the event, have students gather documents, and staff necessary to support the event. 

CIEE will provide input, ideas, tools, thoughts and suggestions throughout this entire process. We will help arrange for Passport Agents to be present the day of to process passports and will send our staff to facilitate the event.