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At CIEE, we offer a variety of college study abroad programs covering semester, summer, and January terms. In addition to studying internationally, we provide internships abroad where students gain professional skills and experience in real-world work environments. Learn more about our comprehensive college study abroad programs and international internships below.

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CIEE provides study abroad programs in some of the world's top locations, from Spain and Italy to South Korea and Australia. With 150+ programs in over 30 countries, your dream study abroad destination is just a few clicks away!

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Why Choose CIEE?

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High-Quality Study Abroad Programs

For more than 75 years, CIEE has set the standard for study abroad programs.

Academics: Our rigorous academic programs extend outside the classroom walls, offering you the experience and skills you need to succeed in your college career and beyond.

Cultural Immersion: We offer you the life-changing opportunity to travel abroad and live like a local, rounding out your experience with exciting cultural excursions and activities.

Student Support: Our resident directors and staff, highly trained support teams, and health & safety specialists are with you at every step of your journey.

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$8+ Million in Scholarships and Grants

CIEE is committed to helping every student – regardless of socioeconomic background or academic major – access a transformative study abroad experience. If you’re looking to travel abroad, but are worried about covering the costs, CIEE offers a variety of study abroad scholarships & grants for students with demonstrated financial need and proven academic merit.

CIEE maintains many partnerships to help students grow academically, professionally, and personally through study abroad. 

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Flexibility To Design Your Own Program

With CIEE's Open Campus Block Program, you can design your very own study abroad program to include up to three different locations. Feel free to build your own program using our custom study abroad tool, spin the globe, or take a look at experiences around some of our most popular open campus combinations!

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Health & Safety

Living abroad means a new environment and lifestyle - two things that can affect your health and safety. With planning and awareness, living abroad can be a very healthy, safe, and rewarding experience for you.

CIEE has partnered with experts in producing resources that address health concerns for students who are thinking about studying abroad. As a founding member of the Interassociational Advisory Committee on Safety and Responsibility in Study Abroad, we are committed to the operation of safe and secure study experiences.

Questions About College Study Abroad

Put simply, study abroad is when a student pursues their academic goals in a foreign country. By studying abroad, students learn more about different cultures, languages, people, and more, transforming their global perspective and cultural understanding. 

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Yes! Students who study with CIEE can earn college credit abroad for specific courses they take. We recommend that students check with their campus study abroad office prior to leaving for their program to ensure that course credits can be counted. 

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Yes, CIEE study abroad is a legit study abroad organization that was founded in 1947 with the mission of promoting international education and exchange. Headquartered in Portland, Maine, CIEE aims to humanize international relations and foster peace through international educational programs that promote intercultural understanding.

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Studying abroad can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be, but in general, the cost to study abroad can range anywhere from $3,650 for January programs to $19,968 or more for semester programs. The cost of studying abroad varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Program type
  • Length of study
  • Location

While the cost of study abroad programs for college students is constantly changing, CIEE program fees typically include all essentials outside of airfare and meals. This typically includes tuition, housing, pre-departure advising, orientation, on-side staff and 24/7 emergency support, cultural activities, and travel protection.
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While the length of your study abroad program varies based on your study abroad program provider, CIEE offers four different study abroad program durations:

  1. Semester Programs: Fall or spring semester study abroad programs typically last 15-17 weeks.
  2. Summer ProgramsA single summer session lasts four weeks, but students can choose to enroll in one, two, or three consecutive sessions for a full summer abroad.
  3. January Programs: January study abroad programs are typically between two and three weeks long.
  4. Open Campus Block ProgramsOpen Campus Block programs allow students to design their own custom study abroad programs that last for six, 12, or up to 18 consecutive weeks.

If you’re wondering how to study abroad in college, follow these simple steps:

  1. Search our study abroad programs and find one that you love!
  2. Ensure program dates, expenses, financial aid, courses, etc. fit into your goals
  3. Connect with your campus study abroad office
  4. Start your application

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There are countless benefits of studying abroad in college, from getting out of your comfort zone by connecting with new cultures and languages, to making new friends and gaining a new perspective on the world. Not to mention if you complete an internship abroad, you’ll boost your resume with real-world international work experience.

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CIEE Study Abroad Reviews

  • "I absolutely loved the program - classes were structured well and the professors are amazing. CIEE is very supportive and also efficient with housing."

    Ella S. | Spring 2022 | Seville, Spain

  • "CIEE Study Abroad is an incredible program providing the students to experience different culture and appreciate the opportunities to widely open their eyes."

    Linda L. | Spring 2022 | Dublin, Ireland

  • "The classes were super personalized and my professors recommended so many things in Prague as well as took us on a variety of field trips that made Prague feel more like home."

    Brynn C. | Spring 2022 | Prague, Czech Republic

  • "They genuinely care about every student and did everything they could to ensure the students enjoyed their time abroad."

    Noel S. | Summer 2022 | Copenhagen, Denmark

  • "It was an amazing experience. I felt truly immersed in the culture and environment of my host country. I also made friendshops that will last a lifetime."

    Emma S. | Summer 2022 | Monteverde, Costa Rica

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CIEE School of Record: Tulane University

Tulane University serves as CIEE's School of Record for all CIEE Study College Abroad programs. Tulane University is one of the nation’s premier research universities with highly respected academic programs in many of the fastest-growing academic areas of interest for international study, including architecture, engineering, technology, public health, business, liberal arts, and world languages.

The university is fully accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as by leading academic organizations in the areas of engineering, architecture, public health, and business.

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