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What Subjects Can You Study Abroad: Top 10 [2024]

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

While you excitedly explore CIEE Study Abroad locations and specific program options, don’t forget to look for study abroad courses in specific areas of study, too! Being in the classroom... keep reading

Living, Laughing, and Loving in London

By Zoie S.

I studied abroad in London for spring block two of 2022, here are some of my recommendations on how to spend your time there if you are traveling or studying... keep reading


Climbing up a Madrid Water Tower and Art Gallery

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

The advantage of Madrid´s capital city is the numerous art galleries that are free and, at times, in the most curious of places. Recently several CIEE students visited the city´s... keep reading


Madrid Cable Cars with a Bird’s Eye View of Madrid

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

Many locals comment on the crisp blue skies of Madrid´s skyline. Our CIEE students enjoy this view close up with one of the multiple (optional) cultural activities that goes on... keep reading

Trip to Gamcheon Culture Village

By Cynthia Z.

Today, I was able to go to Busan with some friends to explore Gamcheon Culture Village. The village is also known as the “Santorini” or “Machu Picchu of Korea”. I... keep reading

The Cafe Aesthetic

By Elizabeth A.

Quality cafes in the States are rare to come by. They are drives away and terribly overpriced for an underwhelming aesthetic. And Starbucks doesn't count as a cafe. But in... keep reading

Solo Photo Booth Inspo!

By Ryann S.

This semester I have found that I have significantly more time to alone to myself than I am used to having in the U.S. Such a reality is most likely... keep reading

Visiting HYBE—Even if You Aren't a Huge Stan

By Liz S.

South Korea is THE destination for K-Pop fans, and while K-Pop was not my main reason for studying in Seoul, there was no way I was going to ignore that... keep reading

Libraries in Seoul

By Federica P.

Hello friends, as I previously told you, during my first week in Seoul one of the first things I did was to go visit the most famous and beautiful libraries... keep reading

Meeting Minju Kim in Itaewon

By Emma S.

On my first day out of quarantine, I met up with my friend from high school to go to Itaewon. We had met in 10th grade and became friends through... keep reading

My 한복 (hanbok) Experience

By Patricia G.

The 경복궁 (Gyeongbokgung Palace) is such a beautiful place you must see if you ever visit Seoul. If you would like to enter the palace for free, rent a hanbok... keep reading

Color Pool Museum: A Social Media Dream

By Kelsey M.

Seoul, South Korea is full of wonderful art exhibitions and museums. One that caught my eye was the Color Pool Museum located in Insa-dong. This exhibition is located in a... keep reading


CNC milling on foam

By Fernando Janeiro at CIEE

The fall term is about to come to an end at IAAC and the GAD students are finishing their work on digital fabrication and parametric design. Here are some photos... keep reading


Sustainable waste management for manure in a Monteverde dairy farm

By Vanessa Correa at CIEE

Written by Jack Mahr (Pacific Lutheran University), Internship on Sustainability and the Environment. With over 80 hectares, most of which is a primary forest, this Finca Laguna Verde does a... keep reading


Creation of an organic garden at the Monteverde Friends School

By Vanessa Correa at CIEE

Written by Sabine Peterka (Macalester College), Internship on Sustainability and the Environment. I spent the past four weeks working to transform a 50 square meter space overrun by an invasive... keep reading