Color Pool Museum: A Social Media Dream

Authored by:
Kelsey M.

Kelsey M.

      Seoul, South Korea is full of wonderful art exhibitions and museums. One that caught my eye was the Color Pool Museum located in Insa-dong. This exhibition is located in a very popular shopping and food complex on the tallest floor. I had the opportunity to go with my friend who is an English teacher at a kindergarten. When you arrive, you are hit with the most pink and bright room you probably ever have experienced in your entire life. The first room has a pool that you can go into filled with bright pink plastic balls. The second room has fruit hanging from the wall that you can sit on. The third room has a confetti machine. Every spot in this museum is perfect for a day of pictures you can post on your social media. Each room you walk through has a different theme and color which makes every step exciting. One thing that I have noticed in Korea that is different from my hometown is the amount of picture locations. Yes, the United States has many places you can take photos in front of nature and what not but Korea is different. Korea is packed with fun photo booths and exhibitions you can go to with friends or by yourself to take fun and silly pictures. They can be fully serious too. These booths are either lightly supervised or not supervised at all. They provide fun props like headbands and glasses and they expect you to have fun. This is the same vibe as the Color Pool Museum. It is a place where you can take thousands of pictures while experiencing a different color in every room. I came out of this museum with many pictures that I can look at and smile for the rest of my life. After you visit the museum, you can visit a cafe where they sell rice cake snacks and cake with a view of Seoul. If you want an experience that literally brings color into your life this is the place to go. 

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