Trip to Gamcheon Culture Village

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Cynthia Z.

Cynthia Z.

Today, I was able to go to Busan with some friends to explore Gamcheon Culture Village. The village is also known as the “Santorini” or  “Machu Picchu of Korea”. I enjoyed walking along the village as there were lots of places to explore. We started our journey by walking through the restaurants in the area. The village had several small cafes and a couple of Korean restaurants. We decided to eat at a Korean restaurant that doubled as a cafe. I found the restaurant interesting because it had posters of the Little Prince, a character from the French novel, The Little Prince. We saw images and a statue of the Little Prince throughout the village.

Another aspect of Gamcheon Culture Village that stood out to me was the abundant amount of art seen throughout the village. The village had several benches and murals that were designed by different Korean artists. I enjoyed looking at the art, as each piece showed the artists’s name or a sign with information on the project. I especially liked the benches, as most had drawings of cats or other animals. A well-known mural in the village is the mural of Jungkook and Jimin shown below.

The village also had several people, photo booths, and small souvenir shops. My group of friends and I decided to try one of the shops that specialized making photo books. The experience was fun as we were able to choose several aspects of the photo book. We were able to choose the story theme for the flip book, background, our accessories, such as headbands, and movements during the photo shoot. I enjoyed the experience as we were able to capture a memory in the Gamcheon Culture Village while also conversing with people who work in the local area.

Our trip to Gamcheon Culture Village was enjoyable as my friends and I were able to try new food, learn about art, and interact with new people!

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