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Ryann S.

Ryann S.

This semester I have found that I have significantly more time to alone to myself than I am used to having in the U.S. Such a reality is most likely due to some of the difficulties of meeting new people while studying at a new school in a foreign country during a pandemic. Whatever the reason, though, I have had the opportunity to discover some great ways to spend time alone in Seoul.

Although the couple culture in Korea can be intense for those not used to the abundance of matching outfits, PDA, and discounted couple-sets at restaurants, I have found that Korea is equally as gifted in providing for those who find themselves alone on any given day. As such, I have provided a little cheat-sheet for those of you that love photo booths just as much as I do (I don't know about you, but I suddenly forget every pose in my arsenal the moment the countdown begins!).

Pose 1: heart hands

Pose 2 : flower/hand v

Pose 3: peace/v variations

Pose 4: self portrait (serious face)

Pose 5: close-up kissy

Pose 6: hair behind ears

Pose 7: putting hair up/playing with hair

Pose 8: looking back/over shoulder

A couple of bonus tips:

  • change up your distance from the camera
  • pick a photo booth background that compliments your outfit
  • choose a border that matches the background or your outfit
  • try out the new photo booth in Sinchon - Haru Film, I don't love the quality of their QR code photos and videos, but their editing and formatting is very pretty
    • if you want cuter QR code photos or videos, I would use Photoism

I hope you find these tips helpful as you venture out on your own!

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