Climbing up a Madrid Water Tower and Art Gallery

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Eero Jesurun

The advantage of Madrid´s capital city is the numerous art galleries that are free and, at times, in the most curious of places. Recently several CIEE students visited the city´s water company, named after the Spanish Queen Isabel II, who advocated and authorized large-scale waterpipe systems into the whole city during the 19th century. Now the 1912 water tower also houses an art gallery in one of its original water tanks. On this occasion, students spent time exploring the special exhibit on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. This water tower gallery is located in the Chamberí neighborhood, a central neighborhood in Madrid, where many students reside in some of the CIEE student dorms. Students arrived easily by metro train, about five stops away from the CIEE center and the student accommodations. 

Madrid is known for its safe, clean water due to this modern water system that now provides water access to all households in the city and its surrounding region. The water tank was used until 1952 and converted into a gallery space in 1986. Students climb up several stairs and on each floor can walk through the galleries to see what is on display. During our last cultural visit the water tower art gallery displayed an exhibit on the story of Alice in Wonderland and its various interpretations in Spain by artists like Dalií, Picasso and others.