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Glowing Splendor: Celebrating the Lantern Festival in Taipei

By CIEE Taipei at CIEE

By Chester Chou (Program Manager Taipei) The Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. The origins of the Lantern Festival can be traced back over 2,000... keep reading


Study Abroad in Japan: FAQs

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

If you’re about to embark on a study abroad adventure to Japan or considering this fascinating country a study abroad option, read on as we dive into some of our... keep reading


Brixton: My neighbourhood

By CIEE London at CIEE

Brixton is in the heart of South London, it positively pulsates with energy and diversity. Its eclectic charm draws people from all walks of life, creating a unique tapestry of... keep reading


Daily life in Tallinn

By CIEE Tallinn at CIEE

Opportunities Tallinn offers a high quality of life to its residents, with a great balance between work and leisure. The city has a rich cultural heritage and is home to... keep reading


Best Amsterdam Study Abroad Programs

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

The capital of the Netherlands , Amsterdam is a beautiful European city with lots to do. It’s also a really pleasant place. Seriously, it seems everyone who visits Amsterdam notes... keep reading

Studying abroad as a female student: Barcelona gender norms and safety tips

By Savannah S.

Studying abroad as a female student was a bit daunting at first! I was worried about my safety as a female foreigner, and I was unsure how I would fit... keep reading

Spanish Songs!

By Sofia S.

When I first studied abroad in Spain in 2017, something I grew to love was Spanish music. I had only heard "Despacito" and Enrique Iglesias before Spain, and post Spain... keep reading


Cuckoo for Chocolate in Madrid

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

Today, most students and visitors to Madrid enjoy a hot cup of chocolate with churros. Many Liberal Arts students tell us it is one of their favorite customs that they... keep reading

PSYched! A Concert to Remember~

By Millie R.

A legend, an ocean of blue, and ton of water! The PSY Summer Swag Concert was too good to miss-

Feel my wrath, hear my roar, "eat my hammer"... it is Thor! PS: A lesson to myself

By Lindsey W.

Dear diary, I got a text after class. My friend Lisa invited me to a movie... Just kidding, but what if I really did start it out that way? So... keep reading

Getting Swindled in Hongdae

By Madeleine D.

Seoul is known to have the stereotype of being a very safe place to live. That stereotype, in my experience, is mostly true. I have seen situations where someone lost... keep reading

An Itinerary for a Date!

By Ryann S.

SO my boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over two years. We spent a significant portion of that time, however, in a long-distance relationship. As a young... keep reading

A Taste of Glamping

By Jemma X.

As camping is getting more and more popular these days in South Korea especially among young people, going camping has been one of the things on my must-do list before... keep reading

Chuseok in Jeju Island

By Federica P.

Hello friends, are you ready to read about my Chuseok? Because of the holiday, we had a few days of vacation so two of my friends and I went to... keep reading

Photo-booth in Korea

By Federica P.

Hello friends, today I was scrolling through my camera roll to see which experience I should talk about this week. And I realized it would be interesting to explain how... keep reading