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  • Visitors! - Written by Annie Mazzola
    By Melinda Pap at CIEE
    Honestly, after seeing a week straight of grey Budapest skies, frequent sunny Italy pictures (or frankly pictures in any location where a parka is not needed), and large groups of...keep reading
  • Why Not? - Written by Annie Mazzola
    By Melinda Pap at CIEE
    Budapest, Hungary is not the most mainstream destination to spend a semester abroad. So shockingly enough, I am no stranger to the many unexpected looks and why’s when I share...keep reading
    Wandering is Good for the Soul
    By Lauren S.
    Happy Monday everyone! I think there's some unspoken rule that every abroad blog must include a recount of Thanksgiving abroad so here's mine: Our program directors were super sweet to...keep reading
  • Contentment.
    By Lauren S.
    Y'all. My heart is SO full, and let me tell you why. This weekend, I was supposed to go to Dublin, Ireland. I had originally planned it as a solo...keep reading

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