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A Month Of Newness
By Phillip D.
There seemed to have been some trouble this weekend amongst my program group deciding what we wanted to do. Ultimately I personally wound up spending the entire weekend here in...keep reading
The REAL Santo Domingo
By Phillip D.
This weekend I decided to return to Santo Domingo and spend time with a friend of mine that I had met virtually over the summer through an app called HelloTalk...keep reading
Something In The Water
By Phillip D.
I've only been here three weeks and I've already spent more time in the water here than I've spent this summer back in the US. Although the beach waters here...keep reading
2 (almost) Weeks In Santiago
By Phillip D.
Santiago has more or less become a second home for me. It's a city with experiences and livelihoods that most of us never quite have the chance to witness back...keep reading
The Reason I'm Here
By Veronica N.
Vulnerability Fear. Lust. Grief. Contempt. Boredom. These are just some of the few emotions that we, humans, can feel. But out of the diverse gamut of fleeting experiences, I think...keep reading

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