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Internships in Palma de Mallorca with CIEE
By Antonia Ferriol at CIEE
In Spring 2019, five students did their internships at the following companies: Brújula Technological Solutions (finance department); DLG International musical events (events department); Hotel Caballero offices (finance and human resources);...keep reading
  • Alicante Foodies adventure
    By Gertrudis Sigüenza at CIEE
    As cultural explorers, our highschool Ciee Global Navigators were able to taste unique foods to this region and learn about their historical and geographical context. To learn about the heart...keep reading
  • Before and After
    By Ciara H.
    Before coming to Alicante, I built this idea about what my experience would be like: I would travel around Europe, have so much fun, make many friends and meet new...keep reading

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