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Bittersweet Departure
By Chase E.
I cannot believe I am leaving so soon. There is so much to pack and final goodbyes to plan. No matter how much time I spend saying goodbye it will...keep reading
Final Entry
By Olivia O.
For my final blog post of the semester, I wasn’t sure what to write. So, I’ve decided to take a page from my CIEE course this semester, and write about...keep reading
Korean Cafe-procene: Reviewed
By Olivia O.
Until I came to Korea, I was staunchly anti-coffee. While I still don’t drink anything other than a mocha, and I still prefer salty foods to sweet, I have come...keep reading
  • Leaving Korea: Reflections
    By Barritt R.
    Hello Everyone, the time has finally come.... Bags are beginning to be packed, and as I am desperately trying to sort out what should be left here in Korea, and...keep reading
  • So, Time's Up!
    By Ilse H.
    Reminiscing about how my time in Korea went from different to “Ah, this is hard” to “Wow, time passed so quickly, why is there never enough?” I feel like I...keep reading

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