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  • Nature in Jeju
    By Anthony T.
    This past week, I booked a flight to Jeju Island with some fellow CIEE friends and non-CIEE people. We left Seoul on Thursday night and stayed in Jeju until the...keep reading
  • 1 Million Dance Studio
    By Aanandi M.
    Something that was on my bucket list before coming to Korea was attending a class of the famous 1 Million Dance Studio in Seoul. 1 Million Dance studio is famous...keep reading
  • Cry World Festival
    By Aanandi M.
    One of the highlights of my experiences in Korea was attending the Cry World festival on May 21st. The Cry World festival was one of the first festivals that occurred...keep reading
  • France, “le berceau de la culture”
    By CIEE Rennes at CIEE
    Our first impressions of someone are almost always formed by an individual’s physical features. If you look at me, you immediately take in that I am very obviously Asian, and...keep reading

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