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  • Reminiscing on Berlin
    By Brenda G.
    Now that I have been away from Berlin for a couple of weeks, I feel a slight feeling of sadness from not being in the city anymore. Upon leaving, I...keep reading
  • Final Week!
    By Brenda G.
    As my internship is coming to an end, I am preparing my next destinations for after the program. To wrap up my program, I am working on finalizing projects that...keep reading
  • Travel Tips!
    By Brenda G.
    On my recent weekend trip to Lisbon, Portugal, I met some people at my hostel that claimed to come unprepared when traveling for various reasons. Since traveling in Europe is...keep reading
  • Activities + Places in Berlin
    By Brenda G.
    Hello! Now that week five is officially over, I can share with you what activities and excursions I have done while my time in Berlin! :-) Although my internship takes...keep reading

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