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  • Rose Garden at Seoul Grand Park
    By Meagan S.
    South Korea has a lot of different flower festivals during the spring, like the cherry blossom, tulip, apricot blossoms, and many more! I was kind of upset that I couldn’t...keep reading
  • Finding Our Seoul Mates
    By Tiffany K.
    One of the most rewarding parts of participating in the CIEE Seoul has been the Seoulmates program. The Seoulmates are a group of college-aged locals who lead monthly CIEE cultural...keep reading
  • My Trip to Gapyeong!
    By Taylor W.
    This weekend some of the CIEE Seoulmates and CIEE students went on a trip to Gapyeong, famously known for being near Nami Island. Although we weren't able to go to...keep reading
  • I Went to Mcountdown Live
    By Bianca B.
    A week ago I had a chance to snag a ticket to go to the Mcountdown live tour! This tour is available on the SM website for English, Chinese, and...keep reading

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