Spring Study Abroad: The Ultimate Guide

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If you’re looking for a spring adventure, bookmark this post as we detail our 100+ spring study abroad programs that span more than 40+ cities across the world.  

You’ll get to take courses on a variety of subjects, meet tons of new people, explore incredible places, and much more … we’ll save it for the rest of this piece. Buckle up!  

Is it Better to Study Abroad in Fall or Spring?  

Studying abroad in the fall or spring guarantees the experience of a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with either one.  

To help you better decide which study abroad season makes the most sense for you, consider a few details like program offerings and locations, as they will differ slightly. If you’re passionate about a particular subject matter and that specific program is only available in the spring, go with a spring study abroad option!  

It’s also important to align your study abroad program with your academic and career goals. For example, if you have required courses on your campus in the U.S. that are only offered in the fall semester, go with a spring study abroad program to ensure you’re staying on your academic path. If you’re excited about an international internship opportunity only offered in the fall, go with a fall study abroad option.  

In short, it’s important to evaluate your interests while remaining realistic about your academic and career commitments.  

Why Study Abroad in Spring 

After evaluating your interests and academics and career goals, consider a few other factors of a spring study abroad program: 

  • The weather: Depending on your study abroad location, the end of a spring semester will likely be beautiful 
  • Your season goals: It’ll be summertime after your spring study abroad trip, which means you can relax, or at least not rush into another academic semester, after your journey 
  • Length: With our spring study abroad options, you can even tack on a few other summer program options after your semester abroad, like our Open Campus Block program 
  • Holidays or other special events: Doublecheck your schedule to ensure you’re not missing out on any important holidays or events that you want to be a part of

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Why Study Abroad in Fall?  

Just like spring study abroad factors you’ll want to consider, you want to make sure you factor in weather, season goals, and holidays or special events before choosing to take on a study abroad adventure in the fall. A few other things worth mentioning: 

  • Time: With a fall study abroad option, you’ll have the whole summer to prepare for your trip and obtain the necessary documents like a travel visa, passport, and more 
  • Busyness: The fall months tend to be less popular tourist times in certain locations, like the U.K., so you’ll have fewer lines to wait in, better photo opportunities, and more; but this isn’t always the case in every study abroad location 

While there’s much to consider when choosing a study abroad season, remember that this opportunity will be valuable and tons of fun no matter when you go!  

Spring Study Abroad Scholarships 

We offer plenty of scholarship and grant opportunities for our spring study abroad programs that are broken down into three categories. 

Need-Based Scholarships 

Based on students’ Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and from their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at their enrolled institution and Student Aid Report (SAR). These types of scholarships include: 

Merit-Based Scholarships  

Based on academic achievement, including:  

And more!  

Other Scholarships 

Our other areas of funding are based on various programs or alumni status. These include:  

To qualify for any of these study abroad scholarships, fill out the Scholarships and Grants portion of your CIEE application. And don’t forget to connect with your study abroad or academic advisor at your college to see if they’re aware of other scholarship and grant opportunities. We’re happy to help answer any questions too!  

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How to Study Abroad in the Spring 

The steps to a spring study abroad program are pretty straightforward! Take note of them below:  

Step #1: Choose Where You Want to Go 

We offer many spring study abroad locations including South Korea, Italy, Australia, Scotland, and tons more! Find a location that really speaks to you and your interests.  

Step #2: Pick Your Dream Program 

There are many programs offered in the spring, including a few new and exciting ones:  

And tons more! Take a look at all our spring study abroad options and start planning the journey that’s perfect for you! 

Step #3: Explore Scholarship Options 

As noted, don’t forget to check out what type of financial assistance you may qualify for.  

Step #4: Start and Complete Your Application  

The easiest step! Reach out to our support team if you have any questions. We’re happy to help.  

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And that’s it. Get pumped because a spring study abroad adventure awaits!