Best Study Abroad Programs in Madrid

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The largest city in Spain, Madrid has a wide variety of study abroad program options for students looking to explore Spanish culture and language. 

Whether you want to spend a summer abroad in Spain, stay in the country for a whole semester, focus your studies on one topic, or aim to earn credits across a wide variety of topics, CIEE has your Spain study abroad plans covered!

Let’s explore some of the best study abroad programs in Madrid!

For the Summer Lovers
Summer in Madrid

study abroad madrid summer

Madrid comes alive in the summer. Feel the sun on your face as you discover this cosmopolitan city. Find local friends at one of the many Madrid summer events including the annual Gay Pride celebration, World Tapas Day, and arts festivals such as PhotoEspaña. Despite your immersion in the hustle and bustle of this international metropolis, 15 minutes is the longest you’ll ever walk without running into another green space. The great weather of the season and walkability of this city (3 world class art museums are all within steps of each other!) make the summer the perfect time to start your Madrid study abroad journey.

For Liberal Arts Students
Liberal Arts

Fully dive into Spanish studies with a semester-long study abroad in Madrid. Join the 3.2 million residents of this energetic and artistic city and even make some friends through the local language exchange program.  Already an advanced Spanish speaker? Take your language skills to the next level. Agree to only speak Spanish as you delve into classes in humanities, social sciences, journalism, psychology, linguistics, or communications and/or gain real-world work experience with a global internship at a Spanish company.

For the Future Engineers
Engineering + Society

Enjoy as the renowned Universidad Carlos III de Madrid known for strong programs in telematics, electrical, industrial, telecommunications technologies, telecommunication systems, and computer engineering becomes the home base for your studies. Stack your resume and build your cross cultural fluency when you land a business or engineering internship, all in Spanish.  When not in class, students have gone on day trips to visit the homes of famous authors, taken walking tours through one of the hippest neighborhoods of Madrid, and settled in for a fun night of tapas and dancing. In your Madrid study abroad, build your engineering skills and explore one of the best cities in the world, all at the same time.

For the Winter Lovers
January in Madrid

winter in madrid study abroad

Spend your January in Madrid earning credits while exploring world-renowned art museums, tapas bars, concerts, soccer matches, and so much more. Soak up Spanish culture and language during your month-long program in this city bustling with history, art, and culture. Live in shared apartments with fellow CIEE students in furnished single or double rooms. With a variety of course offerings and extracurricular activities, you’ll be sure to learn more about this beautiful city, all while improving your language skills and learning more about yourself.

For Those Who Want Madrid and More
Open Campus Block

design your own study abroad program

Madrid could be one of THREE iconic locations you study abroad in during your CIEE program! Through the CIEE Open Campus Block program, you can study in up to three locations for six weeks each. Spend one block (six weeks) of your time abroad living and learning in Madrid’s bustling city, before moving on to Paris, Rome, or any of our other Open Campus cities around the world. Not sure where to go? Spin the globe to get inspired!

As you can see, there are many ways you can make the most of your study abroad adventure in Madrid. Take the next step and decide which program is perfect for you!