10 Best Study Abroad Programs for College Students in 2024

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Want to study abroad, but need help figuring out where, exactly, to take your studies? Start with this list, which will take you through some of the best study abroad programs in 2024 available to students today!  

Not only are these places amazing – and they are truly incredible – but these programs are intentionally designed to offer college students well-rounded study abroad experiences full of exciting excursions, cultural immersion opportunities, and staff support to ensure you have the best – and safest – experience possible. All this takes the pressure off your shoulders, allowing you and the other college students on your program to focus on all the incredible aspects of studying abroad.  

The CIEE programs featured on this list are offered in English and include pre-departure advising, in-depth orientation, housing, full-time support from CIEE leadership, excursions and study tours, travel insurance, and 24/7 emergency on-site support. 

These 10 best study abroad programs include:

  1. Prague: Central European Studies
  2. Barcelona: Business + Culture Program
  3. Berlin: Open Campus Block
  4. Seville: Liberal Arts
  5. Seoul: Arts + Sciences
  6. Seville: International Business + Culture
  7. Rome: Open Campus Block
  8. Paris: Open Campus Block
  9. London: Open Campus Block
  10. Cape Town: Arts + Sciences

Pretty great, right? It’s part of what makes us the best study abroad program provider out there. 

So, let’s get right to it!  

Prague: Central European Studies 

Our Central European Studies offering is a great study abroad program for college students to learn more about the Czech Republic while studying abroad. Whether attending CIEE Prague or one of its partner schools, including the top-ranked Charles University and storied Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU), this 15-week program gives students an in-depth understanding of the Czech Republic while offering coursework across a wide range of academic areas.  

There are even opportunities to volunteer in the local community or gain international work experience via an internship. And, of course, students have the chance to explore the fairytale-like city through excursions to cultural sites and participate in cultural activities with local students.  

study abroad in prague student tour

To learn more information about this program, visit our Central European Studies program page 

Barcelona: Business + Culture Program 

Our Barcelona Business + Culture program is perfect for business majors who have an eye on international business. This 16-week program gives students’ Spanish-speaking skills a boost while expanding their cultural knowledge.  

Choose to study downtown at CIEE Barcelona or at a CIEE partner school, including Universitat Pompeu Fabra’s Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional (School of International Studies, or ESCI) or the Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya (UVic). Students can enroll in a variety of courses in business, communication, history, social sciences, and more. Internships and volunteer work are also available.  

To learn more about our Barcelona Business + Culture program, visit our Barcelona Business + Culture program page. 

Berlin: Open Campus Block 

Design your own German study abroad experience with our Open Campus Block program in Berlin. This unique program enables students to choose how long they want to study abroad. It’s perfect for busy students who have only 6-weeks to spare or want to fit more experiences into their study abroad program.  

With CIEE’s Open Campus Block, students can choose one, two, or three 6-week sessions. Stay in Berlin the whole time or hop around the globe; it’s totally up to you! No matter how a student builds the program, they are sure to feel emersed in Berlin’s vibrant culture through trips to historical sites, museums, and more. While in Berlin, students even have the opportunity to volunteer, intern, or take part in research, depending on their major.  

To learn more about our Berlin program, visit our Berlin Open Campus Block program page. 

Seville: Liberal Arts 

The Liberal Arts program in Seville is exactly what advanced-level Spanish students need to master their spoken and written skills. Students can choose from a variety of courses offered by CIEE or they can enroll directly in courses at any of the schools at Universidad de Sevilla or Universidad Pablo de Olavide.  

Note: All students interested in this program must take a CIEE online placement exam, and placement in many upper-level courses depends on a high score. As with other top study abroad programs, internships and volunteer projects are also on the menu.  

students biking in seville spain on a study abroad program

To learn more about this 15-week program, visit our Seville Liberal Arts program page.   

Seoul: Arts + Sciences 

The Arts + Sciences program in Seoul is made for students who want to earn college credits while experiencing one of East Asia’s most vibrant cultures. These study abroad collegians have the chance to learn at top-ranked Yonsei University while experiencing everyday life in the dynamic, fast-paced city of Seoul. And, depending on the program of study, some students can participate in an internship or even volunteer in the community.  

This 17-week program is filled with a range of courses, excursions through the city, and more. Participants even have the chance to connect with college-age locals through the popular Seoul Mates program. There’s just so much to do!  

To learn more about our program, visit our Seoul Arts + Sciences program page. 

Seville: International Business + Culture 

Seville makes our list again, but this time for CIEE’s International Business + Culture program. It’s a smart (and fun!) way for students interested in international business to level up their beginner or intermediate Spanish-language skills while earning college credits in a beautiful city abroad. These students take classes at Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), the second-largest state university in Seville, just 30 minutes from the city center.  

As with the Liberal Arts program mentioned above, students must first take a scheduled CIEE online placement exam to determine appropriate placement. Like other CIEE programs, International Business + Culture students get the chance to explore the city through excursions, activities, and connecting with local students. Internships and volunteer opportunities are also available for students who like to learn by doing.  

For more on our program, visit our Seville International Business + Culture program page. 

Rome: Open Campus Block 

Much like the Berlin Open Campus Block program mentioned above, the Rome Open Campus Block program is an excellent offering for students who crave (or require) complete flexibility over their program. Fully customizable in design, students can choose to stay in Rome for three blocks, or travel around the globe to another designated Open Campus Block location.  

Of the 16 different locations to choose from, Rome is among the most popular study abroad programs in this model. Known as the Eternal City, Rome is the perfect fit for students eager to explore exquisite food, art, culture, and history. And, these students are lucky enough to get to stay in the city center near the Colosseum and within walking distance of other must-see sites.  

To learn more, visit our Rome Open Campus Block program page 

Paris: Open Campus Block 

By now you get it; the Open Campus Block program allows you to design your own study abroad experience. Whether you choose one six-week block or up to three blocks, you will have a wide selection of locations to choose from across a variety of subject areas. The beloved City of Light is, of course, on the list and a popular destination for many who study abroad.  

In Paris, students get the opportunity to explore the city through trips to famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. They can also choose what courses to take depending on their major, and while you can take all your classes in English, French courses are also available.  

study tour of the eiffel tower in paris

To learn more about this program, visit our Paris Open Campus Block program page 

London: Open Campus Block 

A trend-setting melting pot, London is another great destination offered through CIEE’s Open Campus Block program. Here, students can study in a culturally diverse city while exploring everything London has to offer.  

From the cafes to the historical sites and architecture, students are able to visit all of these and more all while earning college credits. Students also have the opportunity to intern and volunteer around the community in this top study abroad program.  

To learn more about this program, visit our London Open Campus Block program page. 

Cape Town: Arts + Sciences 

The Arts + Sciences program in Cape Town is an enviable study abroad opportunity. Situated in one of the world’s most picturesque cities, students are immersed in a vibrant culture that is home to captivating landmarks and unforgettable activities.  

This 18-week program is ideal for students of all academic backgrounds, with courses available across a wide range of subjects, including anthropology, business, linguistics, engineering, and more. Arts + Sciences students in Cape Town earn credits alongside students from around the world at the top-ranking University of Cape Town (UCT). And, of course, students can go on excursions outside of the city to experience even more of the South African culture. Safari anyone?  

Learn more about this amazing opportunity by visiting our Cape Town Arts + Sciences Program page. 

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