China Summer Programming Updates

CIEE's summer 2020 study abroad and internship programs in China have been suspended in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Below you will find alternative program recommendations for each of the suspended programs that we hope will meet your academic needs and personal goals.


In order to provide a similar academic experience, the following program has been developed for students who were interested in studying intensive Chinese language in Beijing:

Summer Intensive Chinese Language - Tainan, Taiwan

Summer in Shanghai | Summer Business + Culture in Shanghai

In order to provide a similar academic experience in Asia, the following program has been enhanced for students who were interested in studying in either of these programs:

Summer in Taipei - Taipei, Taiwan

Business Courses 
Students who were interested in taking business courses in Shanghai may be interested in the following summer programs that also offer business courses:

Summer Korean Studies - Seoul, South Korea
Summer in Sydney – Sydney, Australia

Summer Business + Communication – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Summer Business + Culture - Barcelona, Spain
Summer Central European Studies - Budapest, Hungary
Summer in Copenhagen – Copenhagen, Denmark
Summer in Dublin – Dublin, Ireland 
Summer in Lisbon – Lisbon, Portugal
Summer in London – London, England
Summer Russian Area Studies - St. Petersburg, Russia
Summer in Toulouse - Toulouse, France

Latin America
Summer in Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Summer in Cape Town – Cape Town, South Africa 


Students who were interested in the Summer Global Internship program in Shanghai can still explore a number of other Summer Global Internship locations for 2020. Our advisors can help you navigate deadlines and select the cities that best align with your unique academic and professional goals.

Next Steps 

If you have any questions while you're exploring program alternatives or completing an application, please reach out to our admissions coordinators at