Frederick Douglass Scholars Grant

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The Frederick Douglass Scholars Grant is awarded to all applicants who submit a Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship application for 2023 and meet all eligibility requirements but are not selected for the Fellowship.

The $1,500 grant can be used toward any in-person CIEE summer, fall or spring program that year. Frederick Douglass Scholars may also attend additional summer sessions an receive a 20% discount.


If you submitted a Frederick Douglass Fellowship application and were not selected but eligible for the Scholars Grant, CIEE will contact you with information on how to become a Frederick Douglass Scholar.

If you are awarded a Frederick Douglass Scholars Grant in the summer, you may opt to use the Grant on any CIEE program through that respective year. Please note January programs are not eligible.

Students applying for a GAIN Travel Grant have an extended deadline of April 15 to submit your CIEE Scholarships & Grants application and proof of Pell eligibility.

Institutional Matchers

Thank you to the university leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to making study abroad accessible to students from all backgrounds by matching CIEE’s $1,500 grant for their qualified students who applied for the Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship!

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Summer Course Options

Here is just a sample of other CIEE summer programs and courses that offer the opportunity to learn more about Frederick Douglass, leadership, and social justice.

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Atlantic Crossings in Accra (Syllabus
Explore a variety of case studies that exemplify the impact of Atlantic crossings, such as Frederick Douglass’s time in Ireland, or how African-American music inspired cultures of resistance, decolonization, and political action in Africa that, in turn, inspired civil rights activists in the 1960s.
Summer in Ghana program $4350

Intercultural Communication and Leadership in Barcelona (Syllabus
Learn about key intercultural communication theories and leadership practices to deepen your cultural self awareness, acquire new perspectives and effectively communicate and interact with culturally different others. The syllabus of CIEE’s signature course has been updated with a cross cultural exploration of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Summer in Barcelona $4250 (You can also take this course in Amsterdam, Amman, Rabat and Tokyo.)

“A Season of Protest” in South Africa and the US (Syllabus)
This course will examine the history of protest in South Africa and the U.S. Start with an overview of major protests that have emerged in the last five years, including climate activism, the international women's marches, the Hong Kong protests and the pro-life/pro-choice debates in the United States. Then explore the US civil rights movements of the 1960s, the international anti-apartheid movement, #RhodesMustFall (which later morphed into #FeesMustFall) and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
Summer in Cape Town $4250

Art and Activism in Madrid (Syllabus)
Analyze contemporary forms of experimentation in the intersection of art and politics. Explore how artists relinquish their personal spaces and enter into public domains by simultaneously creating tools for political activism. Interview activists and performance artists in Madrid.
Summer in Madrid program $4250

Imagined Communities: Fracturing of the British Nation in London (Syllabus)
Examine the numerous and sometimes conflicting national identities within the United Kingdom. Critically analyse key debates in globalization and notions of ethnicity in contemporary Britain, through engagement with a variety of media. Special focus shall be placed on how increased immigration into the UK in the latter half of the 20th century further challenged the racial, ethnic, and religious stereotypes associated with British identity.
Summer in London program $4350

Race and Ethnicity in Amsterdam (Syllabus
Study a wide range of issues, from the lingering legacy of colonialism and decolonization (and the attendant construction of racialized thinking), to reading race and ethnicity in host location, the role of race and ethnicity in the politics of immigration and the rise of ethno-nationalism, and the state of socio-political and cultural social policies that redress racialized and ethnic inequities – from affirmative action and (postcolonial) reparations, to social justice and police reform, and the decolonization of cultural institutions and the media landscape.
Summer Contemporary Netherlands Studies $5350

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