2023 Douglass-O'Connell Cohort

2023 Frederick Douglass Global Fellows

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2023 Fellows

The 2023 Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship cohort will conduct a comparative study of social justice leadership in America, South Africa, and Ireland to explore the legacies of Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Daniel O’Connell, and other giants of social change. During this four-week program, the Fellows will study how changemakers shaped pathways to peace and will return home inspired to use their leadership skills to create a more just and peaceful world.

The following 12 incredibly talented and diverse students were selected from more than 600 highly competitive applicants based on their demonstrated leadership and communication skills and their commitment to fostering positive social change:

  • Akil Cole – Georgetown University
  • Charlotte Yeung – Purdue University
  • Daniel Hernandez – Arizona State University
  • Darius Butler – Oberlin College
  • Florence Onyiuke – University of Pennsylvania
  • Gregory Perryman – University of Virginia
  • Hufsa Ahmed – Macalester College
  • Ife Martin – Howard University
  • Ja’Niya Howard – Indiana University- Bloomington
  • Ryan Javier – Lehigh University
  • Samuel Li – Georgetown University
  • Zoriana Martinez – Wayne State University

Meet the 2023 Fellows

Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship

A prestigious award for meritorious individuals who demonstrate high academic achievement, possess exemplary communication skills, display the hallmarks of self-determination, exhibit characteristics of bold leadership, and have a history of service to others.