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  • Queer Identity in Korea
    By Nico L.
    In Western queer studies, queerness can often be defined as identities that expand beyond cisgenderism, heterosexuality, and whiteness. Therefore, I was initially attracted to modern Korean society because of how...keep reading
  • Seoul Fashion Week
    By Ramona W.
    I’m going to be honest, one of the reasons I decided to study abroad in Seoul is because I knew it was a major fashion capital of the world. Especially...keep reading
  • Moments to Bottle Up
    By Ramona W.
    In my mind I keep track of the moments when I feel most content, most at peace with the world, the most myself. Seoul, being such a vibrant city that...keep reading
    Why Are You Really Here?
    By Ramona W.
    When I met my roommate for the first time, a kind girl from California who has family in Korea and speaks the language quite fluently, she asked me upfront, “So,...keep reading
  • Hiking Dobongsan Mountain
    By Ramona W.
    On a Saturday in late October, three of my friends and I took the subway an hour out of Seoul to Bukhansan National Park. After exiting the subway station we...keep reading

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