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  • Drinking Culture in Korea
    By Ramona W.
    Jjan! Geonbae! Cheers! Before studying abroad I thought Americans drank a lot, but after witnessing the drinking culture in Seoul firsthand, I have to say that no one does it...keep reading
  • Level 1 Boss Fight
    By Tamika M.
    So you have made it to Korea, you are already making friends with the CIEE study abroad group, and CIEE is arranging for a bus to take those who arrived...keep reading
  • Level 1
    By Tamika M.
    Hallelujah! You are finally in South Korea! It was quite a long flight was it not? If you are like me and you come from the east coast, I am...keep reading
  • Academics in Korea
    By Ramona W.
    Thursday, November 14, was a significant day for Seoul, nay, the entirety of Korea. Planes were grounded, the stock market opened late, subway lines increased, and parents bowed their heads...keep reading
  • Queer Identity in Korea
    By Nico L.
    In Western queer studies, queerness can often be defined as identities that expand beyond cisgenderism, heterosexuality, and whiteness. Therefore, I was initially attracted to modern Korean society because of how...keep reading

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