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  • More Than Just Kpop
    By Ramona W.
    If you plan on visiting South Korea, you’ve had to have heard of Kpop: the Korean pop groups taking the world by storm. But music in this country is so...keep reading
  • Level 2 (Upgrade)
    By Tamika M.
    Level one is always the easiest level is it not? It is mainly just tutorials, some of which that will not let you proceed unless completed properly. Seriously, if your...keep reading
  • Drinking Culture in Korea
    By Ramona W.
    Jjan! Geonbae! Cheers! Before studying abroad I thought Americans drank a lot, but after witnessing the drinking culture in Seoul firsthand, I have to say that no one does it...keep reading
  • Level 1 Boss Fight
    By Tamika M.
    So you have made it to Korea, you are already making friends with the CIEE study abroad group, and CIEE is arranging for a bus to take those who arrived...keep reading

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