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  • Hangzhou - Shanghai Study Tour
    By College Study Abroad at CIEE
    SPRING BLOCK I - Hangzhou Marco Polo described the city of Hangzhou as “the most splendid city in the world.” This is likely due to the city’s stunning natural environment,...keep reading
  • Canberra - Sydney Study Tour
    By College Study Abroad at CIEE
    Spring Block I - Canberra Australia’s capital Canberra is the political centre of the nation and a contested space where national memory of grandeur, achievements and episodes of oppression and...keep reading
  • Welcome!
    By Rawya Abu Hajleh at CIEE
    Person of the week: Elia Martin Hello CIEE and welcome back to a new semester and a new year! 2020 has many amazing things in store for our students here...keep reading

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