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  • The Port City of Busan
    By Tara Z.
    The port city of Busan that became wildly popular and recognized for the iconic movie Train to Busan has since then become one of the most visited places in South...keep reading
  • A day of magic in art
    By Valerie G.
    I was able to go to one of my first art exhibits this past week. I never thought I was an artsy enough person to go to an exhibit and...keep reading
  • Nami Island
    By Patricia G.
    Nami Island is so beautiful! If you’ve ever wanted to go to another country inside Korea, Nami Island is the place for you. Nami Island is also referred to as...keep reading
  • Friends4Life
    By Patricia G.
    Studying abroad has been the experience of a lifetime! I've met so many people across the states as well as befriended so many natives as well. I am so happy...keep reading

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