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What is in a Name?
By Judy C.
I was born in Puerto Rico and named Judith. A Hebrew name meaning "Jewish woman". Ultimately referring to a person from the tribe of Judah. But why? My mother is...keep reading
Reflection Of Self
By Judy C.
I was lost, but now I’m found I’m lost again. Which way do I go? I am alone again. Who will I find? I am alone! How do I find...keep reading
My choice to come to Cape Town
By Caroline S.
As I become accustomed to living in Cape Town, and begin to think of this place as my home, I am continually surprised by my own adaptability. My thoughts, my...keep reading
  • My 6 Weeks In Cape Town
    By Alec S.
    When I first decided to study abroad, Cape Town was nowhere on my radar. In fact, I didn't really discover the opportunities that the CIEE Open Campus Block program offered...keep reading
  • Muizenberg, Cape Town Study Tour
    By College Study Abroad at CIEE
    Multi-day tours, designed to complement your academics and enhance your cultural immersion, are included in all of CIEE’s Open Campus Block programs! FALL BLOCK I - MUIZENBERG Considered by some...keep reading
    By Judy C.
    I have had a good education throughout my school years, but nothing in comparison to my two months abroad. She taught me a history that only someone with passion, boundaries...keep reading

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