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  • Why Not? - Written by Annie Mazzola
    By Melinda Pap at CIEE
    Budapest, Hungary is not the most mainstream destination to spend a semester abroad. So shockingly enough, I am no stranger to the many unexpected looks and why’s when I share...keep reading
    Wandering is Good for the Soul
    By Lauren S.
    Happy Monday everyone! I think there's some unspoken rule that every abroad blog must include a recount of Thanksgiving abroad so here's mine: Our program directors were super sweet to...keep reading
  • Contentment.
    By Lauren S.
    Y'all. My heart is SO full, and let me tell you why. This weekend, I was supposed to go to Dublin, Ireland. I had originally planned it as a solo...keep reading
  • Back on Track!
    By Lauren S.
    Good morning! I'm back in Budapest on this lovely Monday, refreshed and prepared to power through the rest of my classes for the semester. This past weekend was the best...keep reading

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