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  • Goodbye Seoul
    By Yomi A.
    This journey has been interesting to say the least. From getting in a car accident my first week of being in Korea to meeting some really cool international friends, I...keep reading
  • The Beautiful Jeju
    By Yomi A.
    I had the amazing opportunity to visit Jeju Island, an island in Korea. Jeju is filled with beautiful beaches, plenty of stone statues, and lots of Korean tourists. My friends...keep reading
  • DMZ Day
    By Katharine B.
    Visiting the DMZ has been on my bucket list since before coming to South Korea, so I was super excited to check this off! Anyways, we started the day at...keep reading
  • A Weekend in Busan
    By Katharine B.
    Last weekend, a friend and I took a trip to Busan, so I figured I'd write about that here! Busan is a very popular spot for tourism, so it had...keep reading

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