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Located near the center of Europe, Germany features storybook landscapes, a unique history of folklore and fairytales, welcoming people, countless museums, entertaining theaters, traditional restaurants (schnitzel, anyone?), and much more.  

If this beautiful country sounds like the perfect setting for your study abroad adventure, then keep reading! 

Why Study Abroad in Germany  

Don’t overlook Germany when you’re exploring our European study abroad programs. This unique country is bigger than other European destinations, like France and Italy, and has one of the most sophisticated 24-hour public transportation systems in the world, making traveling a breeze.  

Our Germany study abroad programs take place in the country’s capital, Berlin. This exciting city is known as an industrial giant and features global business and economic hubs while also serving as an epicenter of culture.  

There are a mountain of reasons why studying abroad in Germany is a perfect opportunity, but we’ll try to convince you in just five.  

Reason #1: Gain a better understanding of world history.  

Germany has been at the center of some of the most important historical events of all time, and learning about the country’s modern-day perspective is incredibly valuable.  

From Roman rule to medieval times, Germany’s industrial revolution, the Franco-Prussian war, and the Great World Wars to the postwar era and unification, there is much to learn about Germany’s complex history and its continued impact on the globe.  

Germany’s numerous museums and unique sites will shed light onto some of its histories. With CIEE, you’ll visit the Berlin Wall, several UNESCO World Heritage sites, the fascinating Museum Island, and much more. Exploring Germany’s history in person is an experience like no other. 

Here’s a quick list of other historical attractions to visit when studying abroad in Germany:  

  • Brandenburg Gate 
  • Reichstag 
  • Cologne Cathedral 
  • Former Sachsenhausen and Dachau Concentration Camps 
  • Lubeck Town Hall 
  • Holstentor  
  • Munich Frauenkirche  
  • Wurzburg Residence 
  • Hedeby Viking Museum 
  • Mitte District 

Reichstag bulding in germany student eating pretzel

Reason #2: Enjoy Germany’s jubilant festivals and celebrations. 

Oktoberfest, one of the most famous traditional German festivals, draws more than six million people to Munich each year and is considered one of the largest folk festivals in the world. The whole country celebrates!  

While delighting at Oktoberfest, enjoy famous German beers, rides, games, shops, and food stands. Don’t forget to have some German staples like bratwurst, stollen, and an iconic German pretzel. 

Although Oktoberfest is the most popular festival in Germany, the country also prides itself on its spirited soccer games, Karnevals (recognizable to Americans as “carnivals”), music festivals, and international film celebrations.  

Germans are considered welcoming people and their warmth is found throughout the country’s many cheerful celebrations. Our advice? Let loose and experience one such celebration for yourself when studying abroad in Germany.  

Reason #3: Discover Germany’s modern-day approaches to housing and sustainability.  

Germany is innovative. From its sustainability practices, range of contemporary architectural styles, and ground-breaking design for improved city living, the country is a pioneer of modern-day living. Take it all in. 

With CIEE’s study abroad programs in Germany, you’ll get a unique inside look into these advancements, including opportunities to research and visit sustainable housing cooperatives and urban community gardens. In fact, you’ll even have a chance to collaborate with study abroad companions on complex city design projects.  

Reason #4: Access to endless Germany study abroad options  

CIEE offers a variety of ways to study abroad in Berlin. This includes different program lengths that range from six weeks to 18 weeks during different terms throughout the year, consisting of summer programs, semester-long programs, global internships, J-term, and the Open Campus Block program. 

Reason #5: Delve into Germany’s art scene.  

Germany is home to Europe’s largest street art gallery, Teufelsberg, which is ingeniously housed in an abandoned Cold War spy station. (Yes, really!) The country also boasts an open-air cinema, theater venues presenting hundreds of live performances, many local galleries, flea markets, concerts, and more.  

Not only can you explore Germany’s artfully inspired urban spaces, but you can also enjoy the country’s green oases. This myriad of beautiful natural landscapes includes Gardens of the World, a well-loved botanical garden that showcases plants and flowers from different parts of the globe like a Balinese Garden, Japanese Garden, and even a garden inspired by the Renaissance.   

berlin germany art exhbit

Find a Study Abroad in Germany Program  

In the heart of Berlin, CIEE offers a wide range of Germany study abroad programs, each exploring different course disciplines.  

CIEE’s Germany Study Abroad Portfolio 

CIEE offers six exciting program options of varying lengths and experiences in Germany. Let’s take a closer look at each one.  

  • Our Summer Global Internship spans eight weeks and will have you exploring the country’s economy and diverse industries. The program costs $6,950 and requires a 2.5 GPA.  
  • A longer program, our Global Internship takes place over 18 weeks, costs $19,950, and requires a 2.5 GPA. We’ll work closely to match you with an internship opportunity that suits your unique needs and professional goals. We even assist with the internship interview process and make sure you have all the tools to succeed.  
  • Our Global Architecture + Design study abroad program is perfect for design, architecture, or sustainability majors or minors. The program costs $20,950, spans 18 weeks, and requires a 2.5 GPA. All courses are taught in English and led by experts from Berlin’s architecture and design community.  
  • Our J-term in Berlin lasts three weeks and requires a 2.5 GPA. The course disciplines are varied, from Entrepreneurship and Start-up Culture to German Fairy Tales: Grimm Brothers to the Present. This intensive program is an amazing way to discover the city’s landmarks, vibrant art scene, and startup landscape.  
  • Our Summer in Berlin program lasts six weeks, requires a 2.5 GPA, and costs $6,650. This program explores diverse course disciplines, including business courses like International Marketing, to history-centric courses like Monument, Memorial, and Public Space in Germany and Holocaust Studies. With Summer in Berlin, you’ll get to work on your German language skills and effectively communicate with the locals!  
  • Our Open Campus Block program is the perfect opportunity to design a unique study abroad experience. Offering one, two, or up to three consecutive six-week blocks, you’ll have the option to choose your courses from various subject areas and study in the international Kreuzberg district, a lively hub for the arts, music, and technology. The Open Campus Block program requires a 2.5 GPA and costs $6,650 per block.  

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Application Process  

Get started on your application to a Germany study abroad program today! We’ve created a series of short videos all about the application process covering everything from application timeline to scholarships and grants, to CIEE program types and application tasks.  

CIEE also offers millions of dollars in scholarships and grants each year to ensure that eligible students who want to study abroad can do so; make sure to check out into this section of our website to see the different types of aid you can receive. And remember, we’re available to answer any questions you may have.  

Read More: How to Apply 

Get on Your Way 

Germany is calling, and you’ll be saying “danke” for the experience! Ready to take the next step? Get started today! 

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