The 10 Best Summer Study Abroad Programs for 2024

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You could go home this summer. Or stay on campus. But what if you went abroad instead?  

Go BIG this summer with our list of the 10 best summer study abroad programs! 

Seville: Summer Language + Culture 

Program duration: 4, 8, or 12-weeks 
Language of instruction: English or Spanish 
Cost: $4,550 - $11,830 

First up: CIEE’s Summer Language and Culture program in Seville. This action-packed program is filled with courses and activities that will immerse you in Seville’s vibrant culture.  

Experience all Spain’s most beautiful city has to offer through local art, architecture, cuisine, Flamenco dancing, and more all while exploring the city’s three major cultures: Muslim, Jewish, and Christian. Courses are taught in English or Spanish and include not-to-miss co-curricular activities that you are sure to love. 

Spend your summer abroad in Seville, Spain with our Language + Culture program.   

Seoul: Summer Korean Studies 

Program duration: 6-weeks 
Language of instruction: English 
Cost: $8,550 

Our next summer abroad program is our Summer Korean Studies program in Seoul. Spend six weeks in South Korea’s largest city while getting acquainted with its language and culture. Immerse yourself in Seoul's eclectic mix of deep-rooted history and stunning modern infrastructure.  

You can explore the city and culture while taking courses at top-ranked Yonsei University while you earn up to nine credit hours. And, through our popular Seoul Mates program, you can connect with local Korean students for a true insider’s take on local culture. 

Spend your summer in Seoul, South Korea with our Summer Korean Studies program.  

student group by temple in seoul on study abroad

Barcelona: Summer Language + Culture 

Program duration: 4, 8, or 12-weeks 
Language of instruction: English or Spanish 
Cost: $4,750 - $12,350

Our Summer Language and Culture in Barcelona is another popular summer study abroad program. This four-week opportunity is a fun and fast way to explore this historic Mediterranean city. Learn all about Spain’s art, history, politics, and culture through excursions and guided tours around Barcelona.  

Courses are taught in either English or Spanish and are paired with fun activities that will deepen your cultural understanding. Whether you have a foundation in Spanish or no experience at all, our Language + Culture program in Barcelona offers language courses that suit your particular needs and abilities.  

Spend your summer in Barcelona, Spain with our Summer Language + Culture program. 

Barcelona: Summer Business + Culture 

Program duration: 4, 8, or 12-weeks 
Language of instruction: English 
Cost: $4,750 – $12,350

Business-minded students rave about our Summer Business + Culture program in Barcelona. Spend four amazing weeks in the city studying business and learning how to succeed in a globalized economy.  

The rigorous coursework includes company visits, welcoming homestays, and business-related co-curricular activities that provide a unique view into the world of international business. It’s one of the best business-focused summer study abroad programs out there.  

*Note that all courses are taught in English at CIEE Barcelona.  

Spend your summer in Barcelona, Spain with our Summer Business and Culture program.  

Alcalá de Henares: Summer Language + Culture 

Program duration: 4 or 8-weeks 
Language of instruction: Spanish 
Cost: $4,750 – $8,550 

If you’re an advanced Spanish speaker, check out CIEE’s fabulous four-week Summer Language + Culture program in Alcalá de Henaresa small and lovely city in the heart of Spain and birthplace of Don Quixote author Miguel de Cervantes.  

Take two courses across a range of areas, including art, film, gastronomy, government, history, literature, Spanish for healthcare professionals, translations, and more. All classes are taught in fluent Spanish by local instructors at CIEE partner school Universidad de Alcalá, one of Europe’s longest-standing universities. 

Spend your summer in Alcalá de Henares, Spain with our Summer Language and Culture program.  

alcala de henares street shot with buildings and flowers

Tokyo: Summer Japanese Studies 

Program duration: 6-weeks 
Language of instruction: English 
Cost: $8,950 

Tokyo is, of course, on our list of the best summer abroad programs. Our Summer Japanese Studies program in Tokyo is an unforgettable way to spend six weeks immersing yourself in a deeply rich culture.  

Experience the world’s most populous city, which is notably also among the world’s safest, and its spectacular history. Easily navigate between traditional Shinto shrines and modern skyscrapers right within the city.  

Tokyo is a pedestrian-friendly city renowned for its highly efficient public transportation. Select classes – all taught in English – on the Japanese language, art, pop culture, history, economic development, business industry, or religion. And enjoy the program’s many activities paired with the curriculum to gain a better understanding of the culture.  

Spend your summer in Tokyo, Japan with our Summer Japanese Studies 

Paris: Summer in Paris  

Program duration: 6 or 12-weeks 
Language of instruction: English 
Cost: $6,950 - $13,900 

Spending a summer in Paris is always a good choice. As part of our Open Block Campus program, CIEE’s Summer in Paris gives you the option of spending either six or twelve full weeks exploring the magical City of Lights.  

Take delight in the Louvre, the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, Picasso Museum, and so much more. Did we mention the cafes?! Take courses on French literature, painting, architecture, history, wine, fashion, and more at CIEE Paris.  

All courses are taught in English with special activities to emphasize cultural understanding. An optional Survival French course is also available to get a handle on the basics of the French language. 

Spend your summer in Paris, France with our Summer in Paris program.  

Prague: Summer Central European Studies 

Program duration: 4, 8, or 12-weeks 
Language of instruction: English 
Cost: $4,550 - $11,830 

Up next is our Summer Central European Studies in Prague. If you’re interested in exploring different aspects of the storied Central European political and cultural space, including art, history, political science, and film, then this program is for you.  

Choose one, two, or three four-week sessions and learn from specialists in their fields. There are of course many opportunities to experience Prague outside of the classroom, such as attending events at the MeetFactory and visiting the headquarters of Czech and international companies.  

Your experience can also include a day trip to Terezin, a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp. Your courses are taught in English and held in one of the hilltop neighborhoods of Vyšehrad, a 15-minute walk from the Old Town area.  

Spend your summer in Prague, Czech Republic with our Summer Central European Studies program.  

students in prague during the summer studying film

Berlin: Summer Global Internship 

Program duration: 8-weeks 
Language of instruction: English 
Cost: $7,450 

The trend-setting city of Berlin is a study abroad hot spot. And our Summer Global Internship is among our favorite summer study abroad programs. It’s an eight-week opportunity to get an insider’s take on Europe’s largest economy that’s brimming with tech firms, non-profits, and multinational companies.  

Boost your business skills, broaden your network, and up your resume game while experiencing a city central to German culture. Talk about a phenomenal summer gig

Spend your summer in Berlin, Germany with our Summer Global Internship program.  

Prague: Summer Psychology 

Program duration: 4, 8, or 12-weeks 
Language of instruction: English and Czech 
Cost: $4,550 - $11,830 

Our CIEE Summer Psychology program in the enchanting Prague digs into the local, comparative, and multidisciplinary perspectives of neuroscience, social psychology, and the psychology of transition and transformation. Take an intriguing and deep look into psychoanalysis and its leading proponent, Sigmund Freud, who was born in the Czech Republic 

Extend your learning beyond the classroom walls by visiting a psychiatric clinic or exploring psychoanalysis-inspired art techniques. And of course, there are plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with the city of Prague, including its many spires, neighborhoods, and more. 

Spend your summer in Prague, Czech Republic with our Summer Psychology program.  

prague summer study abroad students smiling

Best Summer Ever 

Ready to shake up your summer abroad with CIEE? Start planning for the best summer ever by exploring all our summer study abroad programs to discover which summer program is right for you.  

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