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Internship Abroad Options for Students

An internship abroad is a tremendous way to integrate your academic and intercultural development. Professional experience in an international setting can profoundly influence and enhance your time abroad. Internships provide you with both meaningful engagement with the local community and greater insight into yourself: your strengths, your interests, and your place in the world.

Some internships have a business or corporate focus, placing you with companies in a wide variety of industries including media, telecommunications, or tourism. Others offer a community service or development focus, where you may be working in organizations involved in social policy, education, human rights, or health issues.

Whether you’re helping patients in a rural public health clinic or working at the headquarters of an international corporation, CIEE internships help you to apply and incorporate lessons from the classroom into a real-world setting.

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CIEE Summer Global Internships

Our 8-week, full-time internships are designed for students who want an academic internship that offers the opportunity for professional and specific skills development, intercultural development, and a real-world work experience in a local or multinational company or organization.

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CIEE Semester Global Internships

Our semester-length Global Internships are designed for students who want to study abroad and incorporate an intensive academic internship.

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CIEE Summer Internships

Spend your summer integrating your academic and intercultural development through one of CIEE’s Summer Internships. Students will take a short-term internship accompanied by a language course that will complement each other in learning how to observe, interacting with co-workers, recognizing cultural differences, comparing teamwork, and understanding interpersonal interactions in different cultures.

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CIEE Programs with Internship Opportunities

Students can opt to take a for-credit internship when choosing from CIEE electives while studying abroad in over 40 different semester and summer programs. Placements are carefully selected and students help develop projects in startups, small- to medium-sized companies, and magazines and publishing companies, among others. In addition to the on-site work experience, students have a weekly classroom component that provides academic support to their practical experience.

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