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Brixton: My neighbourhood

By CIEE London at CIEE

Brixton is in the heart of South London, it positively pulsates with energy and diversity. Its eclectic charm draws people from all walks of life, creating a unique tapestry of... keep reading


Experiential Learning in Amsterdam

By CIEE Amsterdam at CIEE

If there's one thing you'll come to realize after studying abroad (and specifically in Amsterdam), it's that difference matters. When one pictures the Netherlands, it's hard not to immediately think... keep reading

Queer Identity in Korea

By Nico L.

In Western queer studies, queerness can often be defined as identities that expand beyond cisgenderism, heterosexuality, and whiteness. Therefore, I was initially attracted to modern Korean society because of how... keep reading


Shatter Gender Norms During J-term in Copenhagen!

By Nick Hvidtfeldt at CIEE

Maybe you’re already familiar with terms like the heterosexual matrix, queer gaze, and Gaga feminism. But have you considered how language, representation, and power shape your experience of the world... keep reading


Visit to Amnesty , Argentine section

By Natalia Nadal at CIEE

Professor Bruno Nunes and his Global Scholars students taking Comparative Politics course were received at the International Amnesty, Argentine section, by its Director of Promotion and Protection of Human Rights... keep reading

Skate Hard, Turn Left Play

By Jessika R.

Week 3 / 6 The second co-curricular that my Media, Gender, & Identity course were able to experience was the play called Skate Hard, Turn Left. This performance was done... keep reading

Copenhagen PRIDE Parade

By Jessika R.

The Copenhagen PRIDE Parade was my first ever Pride Parade and I could not have asked for a better place to be for it!! Everyone was celebrating their identities whether... keep reading


Spring 2017 - End of Semester Newsletter - Engineering and Society

By Sonia Sales at CIEE

Thank you to a great group of students this spring semester. We encourage you to continue your travels and explorations. Students regularly visited CIEE staff during office hours and at... keep reading