Skate Hard, Turn Left Play

Authored by:
Jessika R.

Jessika R.

Week 3 / 6

The second co-curricular that my Media, Gender, & Identity course were able to experience was the play called Skate Hard, Turn Left. This performance was done by four women who all were rolling around on roller skates and participated in the sport known as roller derby. This theatrical performance brought light to some key issues that some individuals face within their personal lives outside of their roller derby community. Both storylines that were shown showed the audience real life circumstances where people in the LGBTQ+ community struggle in terms of social acceptance and comfortability and where those who are single mothers are trying to make ends meet while having to deal with gender discrimination. This performance created the representation of LGBTQ+ and single-motherhood in a theatrical performance that used roller derby as the intersection of their community member’s identities.

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