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  • The Seoul Squad
    By Sophie B.
    Dear Blog, This trip has been a phenomenal experience, and I don't think I could have had as close to the amount of fun I had without the friend group...keep reading
  • Breaking Out of my Shell
    By Isabel T.
    I wouldn't say that I am a particularly extroverted person. I tend to stay with the people I know and with who I am comfortable. It's often hard for me...keep reading
  • My Jeju Trip
    By Tiler K.
    While in Seoul one of the most recommended things to do is going to Jeju island. It is an hour's flight from Seoul and it was totally worth every minute...keep reading
  • Seoul Cafe Adventures
    By Tara Z.
    Seoul's Myriad of Themed Cafes My stay thus far in Seoul has consisted of an immense amount of walking and throughout my travels, I have noticed that every street will...keep reading

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