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  • Life in Quarantine
    By Sophie B.
    Dear Blog, It is my eighth day in quarantine. I am beyond excited that I am so close to being freed into Seoul, finally meeting my counterparts and exploring everything...keep reading
  • HYBE Insight
    By Lydia T.
    As an ARMY, I was excited to hear that the new HYBE building opened during my time here, and that a museum would be opened in the bottom two levels...keep reading
  • Lotte World Tower
    By Lydia T.
    Visiting Lotte World Tower was a breathtaking experience. As the tallest building in Seoul, and the fifth tallest in the world, Lotte Tower is a landmark across Seoul. The elevator...keep reading
  • Day Trip to Incheon
    By Lydia T.
    When staying in Seoul, taking a day trip to Incheon is great idea for a day off! We took the subway to Incheon on Buddha's birthday (a national holiday) and...keep reading

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