31 Reasons to do an Internship Abroad

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There are a million reasons to do an internship abroad. Many include setting yourself up for career success and developing your global network. But those are no-brainers. Have you ever thought about doing an internship abroad? 

1. Working internationally - can you say 'resume boost?'

2. Not only are you studying abroad, but you are gaining international work experiece. 

3. You're entering the world of adulting - let's take it for a test drive together, shall we?

4. Your older brother is moving back home...enough said. 

5. You're always talking about your familia in Spanish, so why not get out of the house and test your skills in Barcelona or Sevilla

6. You promised your Dad you would get a summer job...

7. Becoming a leader and a mentor has been on your bucket list.

8. Improving your soft skills has been on your list since forever ago. Soft...what? We know, "employer speak" can be confusing but we've got your back.

9. How do you say 'work meeting' in German? 

10. South Africa has 11 national languages...but you only need English in Cape Town!

11. This one is deep - let it sink in: to find your purpose in life...

12. You vastly prefer how your name sounds with a British accent

13. Stand out from the crowd - how many people can say they travelled abroad, worked at an international company, and did it all while living in Singapore?

14. Are you thinking to yourself - I only know English, I don't know how to speak Hindi, or Bengali?! No worries - Mumbai's welcoming warmth will greet you with open arms!

15. So what if you get lost in London...you'll be a pro at navigating the Tube.

16. More independence, more responsibility, the opportunity to spread your wings...and fly away....okay we got carried away. 

17. So you can be *that friend* that uses the metric system.

18. Ever wanted Sushi from Tokyo instead of Whole Foods? Yeah...us too. 

19. Long day at the office? Grab a bike and let the wind blow in your hair in Berlin as you peddle through the history.

20. Toronto has some cool stuff going on, eh?

21. You want to be famous, and interning abroad will be your first step...promise

22. Ramen, Fish n' Chips, Tapas - your lunch break will never be the same. 

23. You are determined to perfect your handshake.

24. Your mom bought you a ton of "professional" clothes for Christmas...

25. In an effort to freeze time, you use different time zones to your advantage while travelling on the weekend.

26. You've been speaking Spanish (okay, singing along to the radio) and hear Seville has some great places to do karaoke.

27. Travelling isn't just for when you retire anymore...why not work and play?

28. You might get a free pair of shorts...

29. You rocked your passport photo & it deserves to be seen by the world.

30. Improve your communication skills, time management, problem solving skills, self-confidence...etc. you get it, right?

31. Quick question - why not? 

Being a CIEE Global Intern has some serious perks such as gaining real-world experience in another country, building your resume, and growing your global network, all while learning to live and work abroad, setting you up for post-grad success. Not convinced? Let's chat. Your personal Global Internship Advisor, Brooke, is here for you. Schedule a call today

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