Copenhagen Global Institute

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Capital of Denmark is quickly becoming the epicenter of Scandi-cool, with its aesthetic eye toward minimalism.  It’s also topping the list of the world’s greenest and most sustainable urban centers. With more bicycles than cars, this former Viking fishing village enjoys one of the highest GDP/capita in the world, and the reputation of being one of the happiest places to live. Students from across the globe benefit from innovative teaching styles at top-of-the-line universities.


  • Students can choose between apartments or homestays nearby the CIEE site.
  • Experience Danish hygge - cozy and comfortable lifestyle - during a weekend homestay with a local family.
  • Experience Copenhagen’s transformation from a Viking fishing village to a leading world capital of sustainability and innovation.
  • Take part in engaging classroom instruction, daily co-curricular activities, overnight study tours, and local excursions.

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