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How to Pack for a Semester Abroad in London

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

@cieestudyabroad What to pack for a semester abroad in London #cieestudyabroad #studyabroad #packinglist #packingessentials #london #england #europe #travelessentials I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS Heading to London... keep reading


Shopping In Rennes : A Chance to Explore New Places and a Form of Self-Care

By CIEE Rennes at CIEE

When I decided to study away in Rennes, I knew that I would spend part of my time going to shops throughout various parts of Rennes. Most of the time... keep reading


6 Best Study Abroad Programs in Italy

By College Study Abroad at CIEE

If you’re looking for a study abroad program in an iconic country packed with art, history, architecture, culture, cuisine, and much more, consider a study abroad program in Italy... keep reading

Getting My Hair Done

By Caroline R.

Hellooooo! I recently got my hair done in Seoul, and I thought that others should know how I did so and where I went! I had done my hair before... keep reading

What To Pack Going Abroad

By Sofia S.

Wondering what to pack abroad? Here is what I think should be staples and tips and tricks for any abroad destination! Obviously, look at what the weather is going to... keep reading


Little, Charming Family Shops from the Past in Madrid

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

All kinds of traditional, small family businesses have preserved their status in Madrid, existing shops that have been around over a hundred years. Time goes by and they continue in... keep reading


French Fashion

By CIEE Rennes at CIEE

If you're like me, your preparation for studying abroad includes packing, planning, and most importantly, research. Before I began my semester in Rennes, I googled how to best blend in... keep reading

You’re Studying Abroad in Barcelona, Spain? Here’s What You Should Pack.

By Savannah S.

Packing to study abroad in another country can be very overwhelming. Whether you’re going for a few months or a whole year, there is a lot to think about. Even... keep reading

Remembering My Time Abroad

By Isabella V.

I wanted to find a way to best remember my time studying abroad in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. I decided to collect labels on bottles unique to Spain, museum maps... keep reading

La Feria de Abril, Miarma!

By Sofia S.

The Feria de Abril in Sevilla, Spain IS WORTH THE HYPE. There, I found my love for flamenco dancing, dressing up, and sitting at a table for hours with family... keep reading


Me Mola Malasaña: I Like Malasaña

By Eero Jesurun at CIEE

One of the favorite student neighborhoods in Madrid is Malasaña. Practice saying: “Me mola Malasaña,“ which is what many madrileños say in Spanish for "I like the hip and trendy... keep reading

A Trip to Hongdae... Wait, sheep?

By Lindsey W.

What a day! The birds are singing, the sun is shining... oh no, it's shining too much. It's hot! Where are the clouds? Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day in... keep reading

Getting a Lash Lift in South Korea! (Foreigner Friendly/Non-Korean Speaking Friendly)

By Madeleine D.

"Shu Lashes": Good Experience or Cheap rip-off? Earlier this month, on April 10, 2022, I went to Itaewon, located in Seoul, on the recommendation of my two friends to get... keep reading

Preparing for the Cold in Seoul

By Madeleine D.

As the spring season is approaching and cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom it’s easy to forget about the brutally cold winter South Korea just went through. I am currently... keep reading

Honjok: The Art of Being Alone in Seoul

By Jemma X.

I learned about the concept of Honjok from my beloved Korean Studies Professor at Brown. According to the definition from Wikipedia, it is a recently-popularized term for people who willingly... keep reading