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Unveiling Jordan's Hidden Treasures: 5 Must-Visit Gems

By College Study Abroad Ambassador at CIEE

By: Dorra Guermazi Jordan's landscape is a tapestry of awe-inspiring beauty and cultural heritage, where ancient wonders and natural marvels converge in harmony. While Petra and the Dead Sea are... keep reading

How to Pack Like a Pro

By Elysse G.

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, but it can also be overwhelming to pack for an extended stay in a foreign country. Here's a packing list for studying abroad... keep reading

Have a Sweet Tooth? Jordan Has You Covered.

By Elysse G.

Jordanian cuisine is rich and diverse, and the country's desserts are no exception. From sweet and sticky pastries to delicate floral-infused cakes, Jordanian desserts are a must-try for any foodie... keep reading

Must-Try Cuisine in Amman, Jordan!

By Elysse G.

Jordanian cuisine is a delicious and unique blend of flavors from the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. Here are the five most famous Jordanian dishes that you must... keep reading

Essential Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

By Elysse G.

Studying abroad is an exciting and enriching experience, but it's important to prioritize safety when exploring new destinations. Here are ten ways to stay safe while traveling abroad: 1. Attend... keep reading

5 Steps to Maximize Your Language Learning Abroad

By Elysse G.

Whether you're a natural polyglot or barely making it by with one language, studying abroad is the best opportunity to learn a new language. It is unlikely that there will... keep reading

Top 5 Destinations in Jordan

By Elysse G.

Have you ever taken a jeep ride through the red sands of the desert? Or visited one of the Seven Wonders of the World? How about taking a swim at... keep reading

The Beginner's Guide to the Amman Food Scene

By Elysse G.

Amman is an amazing city to explore new cuisines and experience Jordanian cafe culture! During my semester abroad, I spent many evenings exploring new restaurants and cafes with my classmates... keep reading


Participating in a Model United Nations Conference

By CIEE Amman at CIEE

By Alec Hoffman As a student with a passion for international relations and a good debate, I was instantly drawn to Model United Nations. For the layman, Model UN, or... keep reading

Creative Spaces

By Riya J.

The bass vibrating in my chest, the beat controlling my arms and legs like a marionette doll, the melody and harmony changing roughly every three and a half minutes -... keep reading

Observations on University in Jordan

By Riya J.

CIEE Amman offers us the opportunity to take a class at Princess Sumaya University of Technology. Wanting to meet Jordanians my age, I took the opportunity and signed up for... keep reading



By College Study Abroad at CIEE

EAT With Israel and Egypt on one side, and Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabi on the other, it’s no wonder Jordan’s cuisine is so vast and varied. But the consensus... keep reading

Amman's Best Kept Secrets

By Jenny O.

The best way to discover your favorite corners of the world is by accident. I don’t mean to sound all #wanderlust-y, but wandering takes you places Google Maps and even... keep reading

The Kufiya: Wrapping up the Semester

By Riya J.

The kufiya is a traditionally red & white or black & white scarf worn by men across the Arab world. The ghutrah, shemagh, ḥaṭṭah, or mashadah - as it’s called... keep reading

Best Day Trips Outside of Amman

By Matthew S.

What's your favorite weekend activity? Hiking? Swimming? Sightseeing? No matter الهواية المفضلتك ("your favorite hobby"), there are SO many places to see in Jordan that are only a day's trip... keep reading