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With Israel and Egypt on one side, and Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabi on the other, it’s no wonder Jordan’s cuisine is so vast and varied. But the consensus among travelers, hands down, is that Amman, Jordan is the best place in the world to enjoy falafel. If you haven’t been introduced to falafel, you’re in for a treat. Falafel is a generously spiced, fried ball or patty of ground chickpeas often served on a pita spread with hummus, and filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Please, when in Amman, do as the Jordanians do, and enjoy an unforgettable plate of falafel.

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Coffee is more than a must-sip beverage in Amman – it’s a cultural tradition and commonly served to guests as a sign of hospitality. The host will drink the first cup to ensure it is good, then serve it to others. Jordanian coffee is made with beans from the Arabian Peninsula and is roasted either lightly or robustly with cardamom, a spice that adds a unique but surprisingly delicious twist. It’s served at street stalls, coffee shops, and restaurants alike and makes for the perfect pick-me-up.

Photo for blog post EAT, DRINK, EXPLORE: AMMAN


The Grand al-Husseini Mosque is located in the old part of Amman and often confused with two similarly named mosques. You can recognize it by its four minarets towering against the sky and the unusual colored pink and white stone façade. The Ottoman-style mosque was rebuilt in 1924 on the site of an ancient mosque and is simply spectacular to see! The mosque is conveniently surrounded by shops and markets so you can spend hours strolling the surrounding streets.

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